Over the Horizon: The EdTech Trends Shaping the Future of K-12

Video created by teachontario.team on Feb 26, 2018

    With Keith Krueger, CoSN


    What is on the five-year horizon for K-12 schools worldwide? This presentation focuses on trends and technologies that will drive educational change over the next several years, along with the thorniest challenges and potential solutions. Made possible by mindSpark Learning, the NMC/CoSN Horizon Report -- 2017 K-12 Edition charts the five-year horizon for the impact of technology developments in school communities across the globe. The report was guided by collaborative research and discussions of a body of 61 experts and is organized to help stakeholders think about the years ahead strategically and imaginatively. Complementing the report is a digital toolkit, which provides ideas and resources to use in engaging your community in thoughtful and informed discussions about what’s ahead. Through a presentation and Q&A, participants will learn how schools are using both the report and toolkit to transform ideas into action and how to adapt them to meet their specific needs.


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