Mathematics Learning Trajectories

Video created by on Dec 4, 2017

    In this 5-minute video clip with slides, Dr. Douglas Clements, the prominent U.S. early mathematics researcher,  author and Kennedy-Endowed Chair in Early Childhood Learning at the University of Denver explains the power and research base of his and Dr. Julie Sarama's learning trajectories and their new free math web tool (birth to age 8) for educators, parents, curriculum developers, and PD facilitators. Dr. Sarama is the Kennedy-Endowed Chair in Innovative Learning Technologies at the University of Denver. Together they are the authors or co-authors of more than 130 refereed studies, 300 book chapters, and dozens of books. The two researchers have had and are having a tremendous impact on educational planning and policy, including the development of new mathematics curricula, effective teaching approaches, improved teacher training initiatives, more powerful and sustainable professional development interventions, and the implementation and effects of software in math classrooms.

    Although they are U.S. based, mathematics learning trajectories complement and elaborate Canadian provincial math curricula. Mathematics does not recognize national borders.