Emergent Learning in the 21st Century: Digital and Deliberate

Video created by teachontario.team on Feb 10, 2017

    With Jocelyne Brent, and Deanna Pecaski-McLennan.


    From reflective and responsive to transparent and timely, the decision for a digital presence is a deliberate action in the play-based classroom. In this session participants are introduced to a number of technologies that can be used to enhance a play-based classroom rich in inquiry, wonder and discovery. We explore how technology supports children’s emergent interests in the indoor and outdoor classroom and can contribute to a culture of thinking and reflecting.  Examples of how educators can use technology to complement the documentation process, and engage both children and their families, are discussed. Educators can also harness the power of social media as a form of transparency, relationship building, professional development, and network with colleagues from around the world.


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