Did I Enable A Cyberbully? Learning to Embrace Social Media in the Elementary Classroom

Video created by teachontario.team on Feb 22, 2016

    Presented by Diana Hale


    What do we do as educators when cyberbullying happens with our students and invades our learning space? How does a 12 year-old understand the long-lasting impact of their online decisions? In this session, follow the journey of a typical grade 6 class when a cyberbullying incident (on Instagram) became a tangible reality for both students and parents. Through inquiry, students worked across the curriculum to determine “How can our class use social media for good?” and “How can we prevent social media being used as a weapon?” Learn how students came to understand the concept of digital citizenship and the critical role they each play in their digital communities. Hear about successes, challenges, and lessons learned as social media and access to multiple digital technologies become a reality in today’s classrooms.


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