Code To Learn: A Socially Inclusive, Student-Centred Approach to Coding

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Seymour Papert's Legacy


Phase One CanCode

Code To Learn is federally funded under the CanCode initiative. In the first phase of CanCode LCSI (Seymour Papert's company) distributed MicroWorlds EX and MicroWorlds JR to any person in Canada at no charge. MicroWorlds EX is for age 8 and up and is text-based. MicroWorlds JR is for pre-reader to age 8 or so and is icon-based. Both require installation on a Windows or Mac computer which is very suitable for our areas of Canada that are northern and/or remote and have poor internet service. MicroWorlds EX and JR both come in Canadian English and French.


MicroWorlds JR is also available in Ojibwe and James Bay Cree.


Download these from


MANY learning materials are also available—including Computational Thinking resources. Just follow the links.


Phase Two CanCode - LYNX (a Browser version at

We are anticipating funding for Phase Two and have developed LYNX in English and French. LYNX is cloud-based so will run in your browser! Works with ChromeBooks and browsers on your computers or tablets.


Our workshop slideshow is: Code To Learn: A Socially Inclusive, Student-Centred Approach to Coding 


We provided several draft activities for 'Drawing Kids into Being Mathematicians through Turtle Geometry with LYNX' -

You can access these here:



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