February Team Reflections

Discussion created by amandaruthven on Mar 6, 2019

Our TLLP “ Improving Reading Skills in a Play Based Classroom” meeting in February began with educators setting up literacy provocations they had set up in their classrooms. We shared what we thought we would see the children do with the materials and shared what we observed the children doing. We left with suggestions about what materials could be added to the provocation to extend upon the children’s thinking and learning in Phonological awareness and phonics.


We left wondering how we could create literacy provocations that allow the children to move more freely around the room vs a provocation that is table top?


We are diving into David Kilpatrick’s “ Equipped for Reading Success”. We have been discussing orthographic mapping, which is the process of forming letter sound connections in order to combine and recall the spelling, pronunciation, and the meaning of words. Kilpatrick says we may have assumed that word recognition is based on visual memory. That if children see the words enough, they will learn them. We have learned that this is not true. The skills necessary for mapping are letter sound proficiency, phonemic proficiency, and word study.