November Team Reflections

Discussion created by amandaruthven on Mar 6, 2019

Our TLLP group on, improving reading skills among emergent readers in a play-based classroom, has been learning more about Phonological Awareness and how these skills break down into categories of blending, segmenting, isolating, deleting and substituting. One thing we’ve discovered is that these skills don’t develop in a sequence, but more like a spiral – which means we can work on all elements of Phonological Awareness and don’t need to wait for kids to master one area before moving on.

We started with our diagnostic assessments to figure out what instruction our students need. We chose to try the following assessments which are attached to this e-mail. 

·         The PASS assessment

·         The Quick Phonics Screen


      An easy Phonological Awareness activity you could try is "I hear with my little ear, something that starts with /p/... (saying the letter sound) then children can guess from things they see around them, just like in Eye Spy. This is great for those transition  moments or when waiting in a line.