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    Phonological Activities


      What activities do you play in your room to support phonological awareness?


      Here is one to try out!


      Secret Sound Sack


      To identify and use a specific sound


      Materials needed

      -Objects or pictures with the sound in common (e.g., pencil, pompom, puck, Pete the Cat stuffy, picture of pizza etc.).



      How to Play

      Place the items in the sack.  Pull one object out at a time and ask the children to identify the object using the ‘secret sound’. For example, if your sound is /p/ - pink pompom, police office, pizza.


      Describe the item before you show it to them and have them guess what it could be.  For example, “You eat this, it has cheese on it, it’s usually in the shape of a triangle”...Pizza!


      Mix it up and have fun!


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