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    Week Two: Minds On Question #2


      Do you agree with Abha Dawesar that The Digital now is in direct competition with the past and the present?

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          I can see why this argument is relevant to Dawesar's context, but let me present another one.  To the people involved in the Arab Spring uprising the social connection was one of the first times when people leveraged social media to connect to people outside of the immediate, dangerous context. I, for one, had new understanding of how the digital present was meaningful. So I present this TED talk, about leveraging the digital present, as a counter-argument:

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              Hi Alanna, to your point about social media being leveraged to make connections, it makes me think of the Black Lives Matter movement.Comparing the movement with the civil rights protests in the 1960's shows how activism has been impacted by digital technology. If you are a civil rights protester today and want to raise awareness of racist behaviour, a protest or violence you choose your platform (Twitter, Instagram or Vince) and share. It has turned civil rights activists into stars and forced policy changes and inquests. I think a reason for the success of Black Lives Matter is that they have figured out how to harness today’s digital tools effectively. I am delighted at the potential of this, it has made recording racist interactions common practice, created space for new voices to be heard and awakened people's desire for fairness and justice. Social media has helped mobilise a critical mass of people who will no longer be satisfied with status quo and recognise their own agency and power.