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    Sphero for Geography?


      Hi there,


      I actually just finished watching the "Let's Talk Coding and Computational Thinking" PLS recording and loved the idea of unplugged activities, for one - lots of great information!


      In my professional context, I am working with youth in remote communities and we've recently purchased a Sphero SPRK+ kit to demonstrate beginner coding across many subject areas, and to engage youth in the creativity it fosters. I am wondering if anyone knows of coding resources / lesson plans / presentations re: coding for Geography / spatial thinking (Sphero activities would be a bonus). I do have an account on the Sphero Edu app, which is great because the Sphero team uploads activities, and teachers do as well (and students with permission!).  But, if anyone would like to share other resources/websites that would be fantastic.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!



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          Hi Melissa,

          This is really interesting, it looks like you're integrating coding and computational thinking into geography, I think that will be valuable for the students.

          One cool thing with the moveable devices like sphero and beebot and dash and dot is that they can be placed on any graph or map or surface. For primary grades we create a grid and young students have the beebot navigate to different points on the grid (2, 4 or 5, 2 etc)

          I'm wondering if there would be some use in having a map on the floor and students navigate the sphero to different place, or maybe use some type of map with longitude and latitude printed on it and students navigate the sphero to different places, or even some type of grid with GPS coordinates on it. My geography knowledge is a little limited here, as you can tell, but I can see some value in students being able to work with these concepts using concrete, moveable objects rather than just on paper.

          I'll keep brainstorming, but I think most importantly you'd want the students to use the sphero to get a learning experience that they can't get from other methods.


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              Hi Steve,


              Thanks very much for getting back to me, and apologies for my hiatus. We're on the same page so that's a good sign!


              I appreciate the ideas and will do further research at my end too. We are also looking to use Sphero at a STEAM youth camp we are running at the end of August, so if you have any activities you'd like to share, I'd love to take a look!!


              Take care,