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Makerspace/coding elective help!

Question asked by anellop on Feb 4, 2018

I am hosting a coding/makerspace elective this year and looking for some help on how to make the best use of this awesome amount of time I'll have with my group!

Last year i ran it on a whim - brought in boxes of spheros, makey makeys and had students complete some activities, giving everyone a chance to use everything. They loved it.

This year, I’m wondering about going a bit deeper or bigger - in the sense of a culminating task of sorts. The electives run for three weeks, consists of 6 students in grades 4-6, with each ‘session’ being about 2.5 hours. A nice small group.

Two ideas that I have are:

Same as last year - bring in Micro:bits, Makey Makeys, Spheros and Lego Wedo. Setting up stations with each and giving students a chance at each during the three weeks.


Have students get more collaborative and plan/code a themed stage (city, park, etc…), choosing any of the above to integrate into it. The only thing with this is the time - students don’t know these tools yet, so I’m not sure if I’d have enough time to pull this off.

The other thought was to get this started maybe, and continue a ‘maker/coding’ club after the fact once a week or so, giving them time to continue this project. I could also try and sneak in before to show them these too and get a ‘club’ going beforehand.

So far I've introduced them to Scratch for an hour, and they had fun with it. But with this amount of time, I'm thinking of more...