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    High school English


      I was wondering if it is possible to integrate coding and computational thinking into the high school English classroom. In the Ontario curriculum there is a strand for Media Studies/literacy and I think giving students these tools in a required course can help them navigate their technology driven world far into their future.

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          Absolutely! You can use Scratch to create animated short stories, complete with audio. You can also use tech toys like a Makey-Makey to create an interactive storybook presentation.


          If you think of coding as a series of IF/THEN statements and apply that thinking to the progression of a "Choose Your Own Adventure" type of story, your students can definitely combine English and Coding.


          This is an HTML project from a few years ago where a student coded a story into a website: Stranded

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            I went to a session at BIT2017 on "Electric Literacy".  Here is the site referenced


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