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    Introduce yourself!


      Tell us a bit about what brings you to this coding and computational thinking in the classroom hub below!

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          Hi everyone!

          My official role title is Technology-Enabled Learning Facilitator - essentially responsible for all things related to the integration of educational technology in K-12.

          For the past two years, my main priorities have been:

          • supporting G Suite for Education in K-12 - staff and students;
          • supporting EDSBY rollout K-12;
          • leading a CODE/TLF group of teachers in exploring coding/computational thinking

          That last bullet above has been a main, main focus for me - in working with Fair Chance Learning and Lisa Floyd a lot last year, we set pretty solid ground work in spreading awareness and the importance of computational thinking in K-12. I have worked closely with about a dozen teachers in K-8, and I'm continuing this excitement this year by introducing it to two more groups of teachers. We are also planning our third annual student summit; this year, it will be dubbed 'innovation and creativity student summit (or something like that) with focuses on both G Suite for EDU (the original reasoning for the student summit), as well as coding in the classroom.

          Looking forward to learning from everyone through this new hub!

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            Hi everyone!

                 I work with Superior Greenstone District School Board in Northwestern Ontario. I'm teaching at Manitouwadge High School. I'm also teaching an e-Learning course. I've been trying to integrate coding and computational thinking into my lessons for the last year and a bit.   

                 I'm a part of the SGDSB Technology Champions. Through Fair Chance Learning we worked with Lisa Floyd last year and this year we are working with Derek Tangredi. Our teachers and students are enjoying exploring coding and computational thinking and we just completed a 5 week code challenge that lead up to the Hour of Code. We try to share our learning on Twitter with the hashtags #sgdsbtc and #sgdsbcodes .

                 I'm looking forward to learning and sharing with everyone in this hub!

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              General interest in Coding and applications to Ontario curriculum.


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                  Hey Joe!

                  We hope to keep you informed with all sorts of great things that Ontario educators are doing within this area, and also provide you the names of people to seek out for help, ideas, etc.

                  We're also hoping you'll share what you've figured out as well, I know you have a wealth of knowledge related to teaching and tech, etc.


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                  I'm teaching grade 4 in the Ottawa Carleton District School Board and am the Digital Lead for our school. I'm currently trying to develop my knowledge of coding in order to assist my staff in developing theirs. We are working on integrating technology into our classrooms. I'm very curious about all the various ideas that were included in the webinar last week, the sphero's caught my attention especially with the idea of the green screen and programming "movies".

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                    Currently running a special project integrating grade 10 coding and math with the Wellington Catholic board.  We have been looking at how to integrate ideas and curriculum to be engaging between the two subjects.


                    Here is one part of their final project that one student made in Scratch:


                    Scratch Project Parabola - YouTube


                    Using first and second differences, the program can identify linear and quadratic functions and plot them.

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                      Hi everyone,


                      I feel a little guilty that I have not been active on this site until now but with the advent of the "Coding and Computational Thinking in the Classroom" section, I am hoping to visit more often.


                      I am a Modern Learning Resource Teacher in Peel DSB. I currently support 26 elementary and secondary schools in Brampton; previously, I supported 51 elementary schools in southern Mississauga. The primary focus of my role is professional development and building the capacity of teachers to empower students. I was one of eight authors of our board's vision: Empowering Modern Learners.  This vision defines the core beliefs, moral imperative, domains of innovation of my work in the board.


                      I would love to connect with you online, wherever you might be active: 

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                        Good Day Everyone!

                        My name is Jerry Izydorczak and I am a Technology Resource Teacher at Thunder Bay Catholic.  My primary focus is supporting both students and teachers leverage technology in the teaching and learning process and hopefully "push the envelope". I have been in my current role since 2011 when our board began its mobile technology "roll-out" where schools received carts of MacBook Pros and iPads.  I have been actively supporting our boards' uptake of GAFE for the past three years as well as other numerous platforms and applications.  To be honest, I feel that coding and computational thinking is my next "frontier" to dive into but I have to admit I am very new to this but eager to absorb and learn (that's been my norm since 2011).  I also feel that this area is highly underserved and underappreciated within our schools so I feel the time is ripe to bring this exciting new frontier to our students and teachers in our K-8 schools.  Lately, I have been amassing current resources for my own learning but I feel that joining this community is truly where I need to be at this point.  I'm excited to be a part of this community.  BTW - the online webinar from a few weeks ago was awesome and inspiring.

                        What am I interested in?  Well, where to start?  What are others in my "shoes" doing that works? Curriculum integration - science, math, literacy, others that I haven't even fathomed? Ideas, ideas, ideas.....




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                            Hi Jerry!


                            So nice to read your intro and hear about your work in Thunder Bay. Great how at little thing like this website can bring people together and make Ontario seem not so big! There are certainly a few books I would recommend as a primer to the use of coding in education to be learning tool (rather than just a subject or skills to be taught):

                            • Lifelong Kindergarten (2017) - Mitch Resnick
                            • Mindstorms (1980) - Seymour Papert
                            • Invent to Learn (2013) - Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager


                            Additionally, I have resource in prezi that I continually update and use, or picks parts from to use, with teachers for professional learning (I am a resource teacher as well):


                            Another project I have been working on and adding to over time is a Scratch studio (which is what the Scratch community calls a collection of projects, like a folder or portfolio) called Mathland Challenges. These are examples of projects that student could be working on and there are invitations to remix them to add or modify parts of them. They are definitely not to be used as "assignments" or math exercises:


                            I work regularly with teachers in the classroom in my board (Peel) where students are working on projects in which they are learning concepts and skill through coding (a subtle difference to learning how to code, which happens, too but learning to code is not the focus...) Let me know if you have specific questions!