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    Growth Mindset


      Growth Mindset: What is a growth mindset? Why is a growth mindset critical in math learning? Share your thoughts below.

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          I believe a growth mindset is critical in math learning.  The belief that everyone can learn math, and that mistakes are good is essential to develop the perseverance and experience to continue.


          My current challenge is the specifics with HOW to instill this growth mindset!  I believe that everyone can learn it, but my students are still afraid of making mistakes.  We work through problems in groups and discuss different options, but students still hesitate to take a chance - they stop at a certain point and wait for me to give them further direction.  This is particularly true with word problems in math.

          I don't like to see them lost, and wonder if I am jumping in too fast.  How do I better learn how to direct/redirect their thinking, with out taking over the problem solving?