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    Week Four: Final Reflections


      Please take a little time to reflect on your time with Social Leadia. You may be pondering Jennifer’s call to move from digital citizenship to digital leadership. You may have been inspired by the many students or teachers Jennifer has featured. You may feel empowered to view social media as another important way you can impact individual student character, specifically through empathy.

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          The chapter that had the most impact on me as an educator is called "Build Bridges: Crucial Conversations" which covers using social media to emphasize student voice and essentially flattening hierarchies in education to make sure that students are well-represented on each level of decision-making. Jennifer successfully argues that the authentic use of social media in schools does this. I think that the new leadership models we're seeing, through the validity and richness of online communities will continue to change how we learn, teach and lead.  I firmly believe that we are emerging from the cultural infancy in which fear was the dominant emotion attached to social media, and that students and teachers will continue to leverage the internet's global reach for good.  I look forward to being a part of it!

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            My apologies for not posting more.  Doesn't it stink when life gets in the way??


            I think my biggest take-away from the book was that there's a great big world that we can connect to.  The book talks about the Google Hangout with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.  That was special for me because not only did it happen in my district, but the teacher involved was a friend.  When I taught the in the gifted program at the beginning of my career, those opportunities weren't there.  We sent a lot of letters to people, but never got any responses.  But I was working with the teachers who currently teach the gifted program a couple of weeks back and was so encouraged by the enthusiasm of teachers currently reaching out and being successful.  One teacher held a Google Hangout with a NASA scientist for the grade 6 space unit!


            The word is getting out and I think educators are realising that THEY deliver the curriculum, not a textbook.   As a result our creative (and risk-taking) side is emerging.  And social media is the tool that can enable that.


            Hoping everyone has a happy holiday season...all the best in 2018!

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              Thank you everyone for your important contributions to this book club.  You have helped me to go a little deeper with many of the ideas shared in the book.  A huge thanks to jencassatodd for being able to join us and participate in our discussions.


              I look forward to continuing to interact with many of you online and through social media.