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    Week Four: Task #1 Discussion


      Task #1


      Social Leadia has many examples of students and teachers connecting social justice issues to their use of social media. Think about a meaningful activity you could use to build on this foundation of empathy. It could be through introducing one of the students and teachers we have met in the book. It could also be through an activity that is meaningful to you and your school community.

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          One of the connections I shared in the book was with a classroom in Norway with Barbara Zielonke (@bar_zie). This year, her global project is #bethechangetakethechallenge where our kids are engaged in learning about the UN Sustainable goals (@TeachSDGs) on their own AND in collaboration with Barbara's class in Norway. What I think is so significant about this is that I am hearing our students talk about an issue like clean water from our Canadian perspective, but then they hear what that UN goal looks like from a Norwegian student's perspective. I think that this may be a model that anyone could follow if they can find a class with whom to connect. I am really interested in other's ideas here. Jen