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    Module Eight: Minds On Discussion


      Minds On Discussion


      Why are trees important to our world? Did you learn that you didn’t know before? Did anything surprise you? Are we doing enough to protect our trees? Add your thoughts

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          The video reaffirmed the common benefits of trees such as shelter, oxygen and helping the value of our properties.  It did show me some new learning such as the fact that there is lots of carbon dioxide already in the air.  I knew there was carbon dioxide but I did not know that there was lots.  I also learned that trees play a role in filtering water.


          I find it interesting that we remove trees to build new homes and then plant new and usually smaller trees.  To bad we can't find a way to save some of these trees and incorporate them onto new properties so each new home has a mature tree or two.

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            The video let us know that trees are important to our world because they stop erosion, absorb carbon dioxide, and prevent floods, among many other wonderful things. I never knew that trees stop erosion so this was something new that I learned which was also surprising. I think we can always do a lot more to protect our trees. We should not take trees for granted and tree cutting companies should not take the cutting down of trees lightly. It should not be assumed that there is an endless supply of trees, because sadly there is not.

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              Living in Northwestern Ontario, I have a tendency to take trees for granted.  My kids and I were just watching The Lorax, and it was a good reminder of many of the messages in this video.  There's a lot of important information in this little video!  I also appreciated the focus on trees preventing erosion.  I think providing more information that the standard 'trees are good for the environment' in an engaging, brief video makes this video well-suited to provoke deeper exploration.