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    Friend or Foe Minds On Discussion


      a picture of bats, sharks, snakes and mosquitos


      Minds On Discussion


      Choose one (or both) of the “Would you rather?” questions to answer. Post your thinking and justifications

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          I would rather be bitten by 100 mosquitos than one snake.  I am not a big fan of snakes.  100 mosquito bites would itch but there are lots of products out there to help with the itch.  I also can't help thinking that most rattlesnakes are poisonous, so no thank you.  In terms of the shark or the bats, I would take the bats.  Bats would be more of a nuisance than anything else.  Who knows what a shark might do?


          Excellent questions for persuasive writing paragraphs.  You could also explore with older students would it matter what kind of shark or bat, mosquito or rattlesnake?  If you watched videos about the animals beforehand would it influence the decision?  Shark Week and Sharknado were both on in the last few weeks.

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            I would rather be bitten by 1 rattlesnake and hope it was not poisonous. If it was poisonous, I sure hope that someone with the anti-venom would just happen to be walking along and were close by! This way I would get the bite over with without having to wait for 99 more bites. I also couldn't stand itching 99 mosquito bites.


            I would rather be alone in a cave with bats other than the ocean with a shark because I have seen Shark Week on the Discovery Chanel and I have seen what they can do!

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              Mosquitos or a rattlesnake -- I think I'll go with mosquitos.  They're gross and a nuisance, but as Matt said, there are many products out there to deal with the itch.  Plus, mosquitos are tiny, and the bite is more annoying that painful.  I'm not a fan of snakes at all.  I would think a snake bite would be super painful, and the antidote or anti-venom I don't think is always readily available. 


              Bats or a shark -- Bats, I think.  I might be able to distract myself with thoughts of how cool bats actually are -- and if I stay still, I think they'll leave me mostly alone.  Sharks just scare the daylights out of me!


              I loved the visual nature of this Minds On, and I've noticed that any of the Minds ON options in our course are highly visual and require minimal writing.  I think this helps to make them great provocations!

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                I would rather be bitten by 100 mosquitos than 1 rattlesnake. I have seen what snake venom does to human skin. even after being given anti-venom.

                Between a shark in the ocean or a cave full of bats. If the shark is really far from me then I'll go in the water. But if not, I'll pick the cave with the bats; all they will do is make noise and poo on your head.