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    Making with The Little Good Book Discussion


      Take a picture or upload a project you created and post it to the module five discussion. What did you like about this experience? How would you modify, extend or use this experience for learners in the classroom? Beyond curricular expectations, what other 21st century competencies do these activities build? What might you like to try next?


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          I liked learning about The Good Little Book. I never heard of this book before. What a great story! I would extend this activity by having students reflect on a time when they lost something and how they felt. I would also ask them to put themselves in the boy's shoes as he noticed his book was "blossoming" with other readers and how that made him feel. Then ask how would this make them feel themselves as well. It definitely was the book that kept on giving. 21st Century competencies of creating, storytelling, and using your imagination are promoted in this task. I chose to make a Lost Poster for The Good Little Book. There is a screenshot below and an attachment of just the poster below.


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            Students could do lots of different activities regarding the adventures of a lost book.  Students could find places around the world where the book could go.  Point of view could be reviewed and where might the boy go to find the book.  Students could also think about things the book might want to have in case it gets lost.  I used Adobe Spark.  It looks like an easy app to create slideshows.  Students can also record themselves instead of text only.  I liked how this asign meant also has traditional paper activities that could be done.  Different options for students.  I think this year I'm going to try to give options for one assignment.  It might help to produce better results.

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              One of my best surprises last year was seeing how involved my students (2/3 split) got when presented with a chance to create mini-books.  They sort of evolved throughout the year, and ended up becoming a sort of collaborative activity for many.  Here's two little books my son and my aunt created -- he was showing her his book 'The Monster', and she started 'Monster 2'.  He then went back and changed his book to 'The First Monster', and they finished her book together  


              I could see this working well with a variety of classes.  It would be a fun activity for buddies to do together.