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    Discussion: Making with Haunted Canada 6


      Take a picture or upload a project you created and post it to the module four discussion. What did you like about this experience? How would you modify, extend or use this experience for learners in the classroom? Beyond curricular expectations, what other 21st century competencies do these activities build? What might you like to try next?


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          I liked how this activity challenged us to be succinct and to the point. Summarizing a story in 6 words is tricky. Summarizing important information/ the main idea is a useful 21st century competency that is built by this activity and is very useful for students to learn. I would like to try to have students create postcards and story trailers. This could be done with older reading buddies and would be a fun learning experience for all. I had Haunted Canada 4 by Joel Sutherland at home. Hope that is okay I used it instead of Haunted Canada 6. I read "Ghost Town Tunnels in Tranquille, British Columbia." It is about a haunted sanatorium that was a hospital for people with Tuberculosis. My summary sentence using Pablo is below.

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            Here's my Scaragram representing the Waterfront Station. 


            I could definitely see a wide range of students becoming engaged in this activity.  Our grade 7 and 8 students are loving Instagram lately.  The focus on being succinct and thinking carefully about how to relay a message emphasizes some important competencies, particularly in the communication area. 

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              The first image is the train station story.  The second image is about a haunted playground in Winnipeg.  I realized with the second image that I have to play around using a green or blue screen.  Both activities not only encourage concise communication, but they also involve finding an image that enhances the text.  The green screen activity also presents opportunities to review learning skill with students.  It is very easy for students to use the technology to add lots of clip art that serves little value to the activity.  Students need to learn skills in editing in order to find the fine line between not enough and too much.