OAME - Spiralling the Math Curriculum

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Thought I would share a link to our Google Slide presentation from OAME 2017.  Along with my colleague, we presented on the life of our CoP to date - beginning with our initial problem of practice in the classroom, grant application and the first two meetings over the next 14 month.  The presentation looks at some of the precursors needed to facilitate deep mathematical learning, such as classroom environment at the elementary level before trying to understand how content, pedagogy and mathematical leadership are interdependent at the classroom level.  Our CoP received Ministry funding to network 6 schools, across K-12 to develop a research supported PLC.  Within this teacher-led PLC, the team is looking at how high quality, academic research can inform practice and translate into authentic professional learning opportunities that will bridge the gap between research, policy and practice.  Initially, we were looking at 'spiralling' the curriculum using a number of different models that had transpired organically within our classrooms (strand-a-day, student-led curriculum inquiry) but since our research has begun, we have determined 'interleaving' is perhaps the more accurate term and pedagogical stance that we will be exploring.  Within the presentation are the notes on the teacher experiences within the PLC as well as our next steps for the 2017-2018 school year.


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OAME Presentation - Google Slides