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    Part Three: Question #1


      Filling your own curiosity journal: I think we have to pause and remember that although we are teachers, that we are learners too. Before we dive into Chapters 8 - 10, tell us:

      • What is one of your passions outside of school?
      • What was the last thing that you learned outside of professional development?
      • Have you ever kept a journal similar to the curiosity journal? How did you use it?
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          I am trying to branch out creatively and to honour the part of me that wants to make beautiful things.  This can mean taking time for inventive cooking or making my own cards.  I garden, and I have dabbled in painting and guitar-playing.  The last class I took just for me was last week when I did a two-hour workshop on hand embroidery at the local arts centre.  Here's a picture of a two-tiered spiced carrot cake with orange cream cheese frosting cake I made:

          Two-tiered spiced carrot cake with orange cream cheese frosting:

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              You and I have more in common that I could ever imagine! Your cake looks so delicious and yummy! I've been taking cooking classes (pasta and more), and recently took one where the focus was on kids cooking.  My two kids were in charge of the cutting, and preparing of a breakfast casserole and a tropical fruit salad

              I haven't kept a journal though, but I do take lots of photos so it is kind of like a journal.


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                  I don't write a journal either.  I've been trying to get better at planning a big project, so for example, I'm going to use a sketchbook to draw out my garden before I plant it over the next week.  Like you, I like to take pictures of things I'm proud of. 

                  A kids cooking class sounds like a lot of fun!  Did they like eating the food that they made?