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    Part Two: Question Four


      Let’s use some of the questions on pages 50 - 51 to deepen our learning.

        • What do you think Caine learned in school to help him build his arcade?
        • Was Caine’s arcade a success or not?
        • Do you think your learners would enjoy Caine’s Arcade?
        • Re: Part Two: Question Four

          I hope that Caine and his father have had positive school experiences that have helped Caine to feel that he could accomplish this, at the very least.

          I have a greater issue with the success of Caine's Arcade because of the plot of the film.  I wish that the arcade day when everyone came had been from Caine's own idea. 

          I think that my learners would enjoy the creation of the arcade and would admire Caine's tenacity and detail.

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