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    Part Two: Question Three


      Please share a tool with everyone you use to track/assess or evaluate observations or conversations in your learning environment.

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          At the very beginning of the unit, the students propose a book to me. Then I have them make a simple table to represent a calendar and they plot all of their life's obligations on it and then add in their own reading schedule in order to meet their goals.

          Here's the version I use: Unit 4 Calendar template - Google Docs It really helps me to understand their commitments, it helps me get to know the students better and it helps them to be explicit with their goals.

          Over the first two weeks of my inquiry unit, I will have the students complete this chart. Proposal template for Unit 4 assignments - Google Docs

          It helps us stay on track when we're discussing how they're going to tackle each requirement.  The trouble they always have is with the assessment part.  I'm going to work on tweaking it while reading this book for advice.

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              I love this idea! To not only track the steps of their learning process, but to put all of their other obligations in their schedules as well, sounds like a great idea. I would like students to couple this with choosing their own dates to complete key steps in some of our assignments and submitting a proposal for their projects.


              One idea Lee Araoz (sp?) mentioned on Twitter is having students create and manage their own literature circle/book discussions using Google Classroom (one per group, kind of like the format for these discussions). That's one thing I would love to try next year.