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    Part Two: Question Two


      2. In Station Eleven, the lead caravan for the Travelling Symphony carries this line of text: Because survival is insufficient. Emily St. John talked about this line in an interview: “It is not from Shakespeare. I in fact stole it shamelessly from Star Trek: Voyager. Yes, an episode that aired in 1999. I remember watching that episode and I remember being absolutely struck by that line. Survival is never sufficient. Here in the present, we play — we play musical instruments at refugee camps. We put on plays in war zones. Immediately following the Second World War, there was a fashion show in Paris. There's something about art I think that can remind us of our humanity. It could remind us of our civilization. So that line became almost the thesis statement of the entire novel.” What do you think it means in the context of the book? In the context of Canada?

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          I'm teaching an ENG4C class online this semester and the students have just reviewed the 2014 shootings on Ottawa.  We follow up that with Prime Minister Harper's speech in which he quotes Roosevelt saying "There is nothing to fear but fear itself".  The students are responding with messages of hope and pride saying that they can never give up in the face of terrorism.  I'm quietly reminding them that there is a mass human migration happening due to terrorism and these people are actually in fear for their lives.  Still, when I see the new Canadians in my school make connections, it is often through music.  Perhaps it is the arts that make survival bearable.