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    Introduce yourself!


      Welcome to the Homework Help Educator Learning course!

      For all new participants please take a moment to tell us a little about yourself!

      • Who are you?

      •   Where/what are you teaching?

      •   Have you use Homework Help in the past? If so, how have you use dit?

      •   What intrigued you to take this course?

      •   What do you hope to learn?

      •   How can we best support you?

      • What hobbies/passions do you currently enjoy?

      •   What social media do you use for your Professional Learning Network? (and what is your Twitter handle?)

        • Re: Introduce yourself!

          Hi.  I'm Peter Bolton. I have recently retired from 30 years (Waterloo Region DSB, and previously Upper Grand DSB), with most of it being in Math teaching throughout the high school grades, with the past several years being in ESL Math/Science and Student Success.  I have used Homework Help in the past, especially since I have been a tutor and Senior Tutor for the past 5 years or so.  I have also used the 24/7 resources to help in my classrooms, either for student use or for my own strategies.  I am interested in getting even more familiar with all the resources, especially to promote it more.  Hearing other good suggestions about what fellow educators like, or they students desire, would be of help for me to know.  I have diverse interests outside of education, such as in legal issues and prison ministry; but serving my large, busy family is among my greatest passions...though getting away in a canoe is hard to beat.  I look forward to connecting with others through Teach Ontario.