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    Tell Us About Your Created Lessons


      Share your ideas for teaching a lesson about comics below...

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          I have invited illustrator Martha Newbigging to run a comic workshop focussing on everyday super heroes who promote being a responsible global citizen, anti-bullying and whatever theme the class is focussing on. 

          Templates ranged from a 2-page spread with 12 -15 panels or a 1-page spread with 9 panels. (I prefer the two-page spread, gives more story time to develop character BUT quite an exciting challenge to tell a story in 9 panels)


          I can't seem to attach a sample but I have a few to share if you'd like 

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            Hi.  Sorry I went away from this class for a while.  Got sidetracked by a free pd from the Geneva Centre for Autism (check it out! great resources).   For me as a SERT I'm currently only using comics in that I'm having a English Language Learner read a graphic novel (from the Timeline Series).   I have found that the use of body language & emotional expression is not the same for us as it is for this north African family.   So, we're reading in 'voice' per character, looking at the pictures for clues 'how is she feeling?', plus this series supports her Grade 7 social studies curriculum; when it's a subject NOT in her curriculum, I try to choose a Timeline story that will help increase her overall schema.  Lots of them have African American heroes too, so that's a bonus.  The main problem is that the vocabulary is beyond her.  I wish I could have these books, this series, but with a simplified vocabulary for a new ELL learner.  If anyone knows of a better source, please let me know!