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    How Do You Read a Comic?


      Choose a comic, either from the online selection, or a print version from the library. How might you share this with your class? As a read-aloud? As a guided reading session? As a book club? Try it and share the results in the thread below.

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          I just wanted to share a couple of "shelfies" - photos of book shelves we have at home, focused on the ones that are for our graphic novels. I want to thank my daughter Mary for giving me permission to post this photo here and on Twitter. If you want to borrow one of our books and you live nearby, just give the word and we'll try and lend you a title for this assignment!







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            lol, you have a LOT of graphic novels in your house, Diana!  Santa bought me issue 2 and 4-8 of the comic books 'Assassin's Creed - Templars' .  I LOVED IT!  I ate them up: but was text-focused.  I want to go back, maybe today, and focus more on the pictures.  I'm fascinated to see how the game generated the comics which generated the graphic novels which generated the soon-to-be-released movie.  For most people my age, the entry point will be the blockbuster movie, but for most 25 and under (mostly) boys, the entry point was years ago when the game came out.  Maybe it's just history/sci-fi nerds like me who enter at the comic book stage.  This is the first time I ever bought and read a comic book.  I want to get 'Miss Peregrine's' graphic novel.  In the past, I've read and tried to connect with students via Bone, Amethyst (Grade 4 type readers) but I just can't bring myself into that world. The stories were disappointlingly simplistic...and if you dig deep, the students often feel this way too.   I think this slightly older genre (Assassin's Creed comics/ Miss Peregrine's graphic version) will help me connect with the grade 7 / 8 students.  Being a SERT, I just help them with their classroom assignments, and often 'talking about it' is a necessary step in their academic process. 

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                Hi Sarah! hutch811


                This is just a small glimpse of the graphic novels we own! During the holidays, my son and daughter cleaned up their rooms and closets and the book shelves in their rooms. My girl was able to remove the towers of comics on the floor and find places for them on a shelf.


                What was it like to read Issue 2 before Issue 1? Did you feel like you missed anything? I get asked that a lot - if reading out of order changes the experience - I think it depends on the comics. What's your view?


                Thank you so much for commenting on how you read the comic. It's so multi-media, isn't it? In another discussion area, someone mentioned about their work when people entered a text through a specific medium first (e.g. saw the movie first / read the comic first / etc.) I wonder how your entry point impacts your experience.


                The Miss Peregrine GN sounds like it would be interesting. Did the novel come out first, then movie, then comic? I wonder how the different media influence each other, never mind the reader ... I know some comics make their characters look like the actors that portray them (there's a scene somewhere when Nick Fury states that if he were to be portrayed in a film, it would have to be by the incredible Samuel Jackson. Very meta!)


                I agree with you too that talking about their assignments and knowing about the things they are passionate about helps educators connect with students (I live this because of Minecraft especially).