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    Post Your Avatar and Say Hello!


      Welcome to Panels, Gutters & Bubbles: Introduction to Comics for Educators!Diana Avatar


      Post your avatar in a response to this discussion thread below and tell us about yourself and what brought you to this course.


      Be sure to also include some details about yourself, such as:

      • Who are you?
      • Where/what are you teaching?
      • What intrigued you to take this course?
      • What do you hope to learn?
      • How can we best support you?
      • What do you like to read when given a choice? What are your other hobbies or interests?

      Please also comment on your comic representation. (e.g. How hard or easy was it to make? Does it look like you?)


      --Diana Maliszewski

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          Hi Diana!


          I am Karen Bridson. I'm a Digital Media Producer at TeachOntario.

          Comics and graphic novels have kept my son reading into his teens so far. And my husband, a fiction writer, loves them too.

          I'm here to find out all the best comics and graphic novels and to see how they can be used in the classroom.

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            Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 1.27.10 PM.png

            Hi everyone, my name is Leah and I am very excited about this course. I work at TVO as an Instructional Liaison and am on secondment from Toronto District School Board. I am a big fan of graphic novels and am married to a big fan of comic books and am keen to learn more about how they can be used to engage students and foster rich learning. I fell in love with The Snowman by Raymond Briggs in the 1980's (am I dating myself here?) and I have remained excited about the genre ever since. I want to be a support to other educators who are beginning to work in this way and have started to incorporate graphic novels and comics into their classrooms. Looking forward to learning with you!

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              Hello. My name is Robbie Judd and I am a Library Technician from the Ottawa Carleton District School Board. I have been bringing graphic novels into the library collection for several years now. Recently I have tried to get staff to use graphic novels as a novel study component for our middle school students. I too am hoping to gain more insight on how to better incorporate graphic novels and comics into the classroom.

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                Hi Karen!

                Thanks for joining us in this course (and thank you for all your efforts behind the scenes to make this course a reality).

                What comics does your son enjoy reading? My own children (my daughter, age 16 and my son, age 14) love them so much that occasionally I'll catch them reading them aloud to each other.

                I love your avatar! Did you use Bitmoji? How did you find the process of creating it?

                Looking forward to learning with you in this course,


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                  Hi Diana:

                  I am Kanwaljit Woodwal. I teach in a High School in Toronto District School Board. I am taking this course as I have started introducing Comic Novels to my Special Education and ESL classes and I want to be able to learn and teach all the nuances of comics. I hope that I will be able to learn about the technicalities of comic books. In my spare time, I like reading novels - or any light reading.

                  I had been using Comic Life and Bitstrips in my classes, so I had created my Avatars, but this time I used Bitmoji and found out that it had even more options than Bitstrips while creating an avatar.

                  I am not sure how to post the avatar here as copying and pasting, inserting image adding HTML - nothing seems to work. Can someone help, please?

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                    Hi Leah,

                    Thanks for joining us in this course! What's the best part about being an Instructional Liaison at TDSB?

                    What comics are on your list of favourites? What about your spouse?

                    The Snowman is a classic - I think I forgot to include it on our resource list!

                    What did you use to create your avatar? Have you used avatar creators before? How easy was it to do?

                    I can't wait to interact some more with you!


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                      Hi Robbie and welcome to Panels, Gutters and Bubbles!

                      Glad to hear that you are already familiar with graphic novels - what first encouraged you to incorporate them into your school library? I know my MEd course was pivotal to my education on the subject, and I'm lucky that I have several contacts that informally continue my learning journey with comics.

                      How have you tried to introduce these materials to your staff? What's the reaction been so far? (This may relate to one of the upcoming inquiry questions we have!)

                      Dying to hear more from you,


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                        Hi Diana, being an Early Years IL was such an interesting role as I supported educators all over the board and learned a great deal. I was in that role for 5 years and those years included the introduction of Full Day Kindergarten, so...busy times! I should have said that my three teens are all avid readers and they love graphic novels. My 18 year old son likes Alan Moore and Frank Miller and my 15 and 12 year old daughters have enjoyed titles like BabyMouse, Ghost World and the Popularity Papers. I used Avatar Maker to make my avatar and found it easy but she looks much more glamorous than I am.


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                          Hi Kanwaljit! Which high school do you teach at? (I'm in TDSB too.)

                          How have you started introducing comics to your students? (This links with Questions 4 or 5, but just consider it getting a head start on the tasks! ;>)

                          As for how to insert your image ... can you save your avatar as a JPG on your computer? Download it to the desktop? If you do that, and then click the square with the mountain ("insert image" button) at the top, it will search your computer for the image you want and then you can add it. Let me know if you need any more assistance in posting your avatar (I clicked the link and saw it, so bravo on your virtual you!)


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                            Hi Diana:

                            Thanks for your response and feedback.

                            I teach in the north west - North Albion Collegiate.

                            I have already saved the image, but when I click on insert image icon, nothing happens - no dialogue box opens for me to upload the image.


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                              Hi there, I just took a screenshot of my avatar and dragged it into my post.

                              You could try that.



                              Sent from my iPhone

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                                Hey.  I am Janice Pugsley Leighton.  I am a teacher-librarian at YCDSB.  I teach at a small school in Sharon, Ontario (just north of Newmarket).  I am super excited to learn more about how I can implement graphic novels in my library program at school.  I use Bitmoji on my smart phone so am accustomed to playing around with it's avatar selections.  I did not realize until now that there was a Google version so I have already learned something on the first day!

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                                  Thanks, Leah. I just used the computer keys Ctrl + v to paste it.

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                                    My son is 14 too! He loves the Bone series beyond all others. But also, is it called Mouse?

                                    And yes it was Bitmoji, but I don't think it really looks like me! I have to find another one with more options! LOL!

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