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    Module 13a - Minds On


      What similarities do you notice between the two posts? Were you surprised? What implications might weaving have on your learners? How does weaving connect to the curriculum? How can weaving connect us to different cultures past and present?


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          Yeah, first to respond! (That's a big deal in some online circles.)


          A common thread (ha ha) between the two testimonials deals with focus and concentration. That's interesting because other kinds of things (e.g. knitting, crocheting) is often recommended to do at things like staff meetings because you can do it while listening and it gives fidgety hands things to do. Weaving sounds different, and why is that?


          I suspect patience will be a big thing - it takes a bit longer to see the result.


          I had a bit of "I know her" pride when I saw how Melanie's post about "weaving season stories" with her Grade 1s was retweeted by folks involved with aboriginal organizations. Instead of the "make a dream catcher" activities, the great thing about Melanie's task was that it was a way to understand the significance of a task that some First Nations people (past and present) undertook, without appropriating anything.


          My weaving module goal is to create a mat that uses finger-knitted strands (yes, AGAIN with the finger-knitting) and weave them together. (I saw this idea in a book Melanie recommended called something like Finger Knitting and Arm Knitting.)

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              Once a finger knitter, always a finger knitter

              When I tried this with the grade ones last week - (I had a small group of 6) - concentration was an issue. One boy was very adamant he didn't like it, but as he got into it - he was focused!

              I tried this activity today with a grade six class (they are going to mentor another grade one class next week) and EVERYONE was focussed.

              I found this video today - I showed it to the grade sixes as a way to increase their skills (rather than just doing the plain weave).

              I might just have found a new obsession.


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              Before my comments, I want to begin with how much I liked the website showing all the different things that can be used as weaving boards!  Lots of great ideas to pass onto our FDK and Special Ed Classes.


              A common theme I hear today is that our students lack focus for extended periods of time.  I can imagine now student spending time each week working on activities like weaving or finger knitting to improve their ability to focus in class.  It would also serve as a focusing tool for students who need to be active while doing their work.  Weaving also would support our younger students who often come to school with fine motor difficulties, such as the princer grip.