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    Module 15b - Consolidation


      Take a picture of a project you created, or post a sample movie to module fifteen’s discussion. What did you like about this experience? How would you modify, extend or use this experience for learners in the classroom? What might you like to try next?


      We encourage you to read through the posts of your peers and to comment/contribute where you feel a connection.


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          I liked this activity because it connects with my current interest of using coding in the classroom.  Scratch Jr is easy for our younger students but also applicable for older students.  This could lead to a discussion of our biases towards what is age appropriate resources.  Working in the library has taught me that a resource, such as a picture book or a Kindergarten app, can be used with much older students as well.  This app could be used to create any animation that shows a student's understanding of a topic.  Once again, I question why I spend so much time covering content when I could condense it and integrate these activities into my classroom.