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    Module 8: Consolidation Building with Cardboard


      Take a picture of one of a project you created and post it to module eight's discussion. What did you like about this experience? How would you modify or use this experience for learners in the classroom? What might you like to try next?



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          This comment isn't about the act of building but just something that struck me: we need table surfaces in our learning commons that are cuttting boards like that found in a fabric store so things can be cut easily without wrecking table tops...or something like that that can be rolled and unrolled.

          I look forward to using our cardboard cutting tools and screws to see what the students will be able to create...last year the kindergarten class made a community with boxes and the teachers had to do all of the cutting....

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            I was really impressed with this unit. I didn't expect to see so many in-depth building ideas. My main concern is getting around some of the board safety policy with cutting tools and glue guns, etc so I will need to look into that. Kids might just need to use scissors and white glue. I chose to make a race track because I knew my son would like it. I just started cutting and had a loose plan when I went into it. I think if I were giving this task for students I would perhaps give two building tasks, one that did not require a visual plan and one that did and have them compare the process and end product. Mine could use improvements on the angle it hits the ground with and I added duct tape to fancy it up

            I did come across this which I thought would a GREAT task for junior students.

            I fell in love with  Caine and I wonder if a class or club might be interested in making an arcade together, perhaps even as a fundraiser?

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              Over the course of last week, my daughters were at home while I was away at work and a conference.  I gave them the lesson for the cardboard creations and they got right to work!  When I arrived home, I was escorted to a new restaurant in our backyard play structure.  They spent over 12 hours designing, measuring, cutting, gluing, painting and being creative.  My kids are 12 and 15 so it shows you that these activities are engaging for all ages!



              Top view.jpg

              front view of table.jpg


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                My kids and I decided to use cardboard to make a house for Shopkins, complete with a grand entrance, table and chairs and a bench.   Using white glue was messy and frustrating so we switched to using tape to join the cardboard together, which was much easier for my K and Grade 2 children. I think this is something I will remember for my primary students when they come in to build in our Makerspace, put the glue away and get the tape out.


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                  While I do not have a picture, as I did not realize today that what I was doing in my classroom would be the module I would work on tonight, I used cardboard to reinforce a shelving unit. Today I was trying to determine what materials I could use to 'de-wobble' a shelving unit my daughter had constructed two years ago and tossed out the back reinforcement pieces. I had selected a piece of flimsy bristol board... As I was returning to my classroom, I spotted the bin of cardboard... Voila! Problems solved... The shelving unit lost it's wobble... I didn't use glue though... My trusty hammer and wood nails were the adhesive used...

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                    I have done this activity with my class during the first week of school for the past two years. This becomes their personal tidy box for storing their crayons, pencils, eraser and any other little things they have. They can use duct tape to decorate it. I can visualize using two or three of this placed in a big box and making two or three drawer storage as per requirement.

                    I have also seen my colleague using cereal boxes to make file folder holder.

                    This teaches students how we can reuse something and make something useful  that we can use in our daily life. It teachers stewardship and our responsibilities towards environment. It also teaches students how we can save money by making things like this.

                    Cardboard art has a straight connection to measurement and geometry units. It connects to strength and stability in science. I am visualizing a puppet theater and other presentation props made out of cardboard. Instead of store bought games, we can have students make their own board games like snake and ladders, checkers and scrabbles. I can see cardboard being used in all curricular subjects.

                    What we need is just our imagination and creativity!

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                      This is a photo of a cardboard creation I made a few years ago... my son wanted a pirate themed party, which of course required a pirate ship! This thing lasted in our basement for months (probably until we moved houses!).  If I were to make it again I think I would add in seats, and maybe some little compartments.  And probably some swords Next I would like to try some of the tutorials to make real-life items (side tables, etc.).  I love the creative aspect of using cardboard, the fact that you can actually construct items that are quite durable, AND the fact that it doesn't require tech (such a great entry-level activity).  Hoping to have my class participate in the Cardboard Challenge in September!Cardboard Pirate Ship.jpg