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    Module 7: Minds On Roblox


      What are the advantages and disadvantages to using Roblox over Minecraft? How might we leverage the use of Roblox to our students’ advantage?



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          I will admit that I haven't played Minecraft, but have seen kids playing it (addictively).  From what I understand (in asking my own kids) you can't build your platform with Minecraft.  I suppose if you wanting to motivate students to build a structure and problem solve, then you could have them build their own platform in Roblox (and then play on it as a reward ).  That being said, I would prefer not to use a program which involves shooting up and destroying what has been created.  I guess that I am old-school in my thinking on this, as I know that many schools teach with and motivate students using Minecraft.

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              HI Gayle,

              Not everything on Roblox has to be a shooting/playing game - I set parameters with students at the beginning. The availability of guns etc int he Roblox is certainly a CON when contemplating using this game - but I feel one that can be overcome if we co-construct guidelines for use in school together.

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              I have heard of Minecraft but have never came across it personally. This is my first time hearing about Roblox. Reading the Commaon Sense Media’s post about Minecraft and Roblox gave me some idea about advantages and disadvantages of Roblox over Minecraft.

              In Roblox you can create and upload your own game as well as play other players games. Roblox is free and  if you choose to take the membership, it costs less than Minecraft. Roblox offers a lot of instructions, a wiki, and a helpful player community compared to Minecraft.  Roblox offers a safe-chat mode and lets you block people and report bad behavior, while Minecraft doesn't restrict what you say but lets you "ignore" other players. Roblox lets users embed ads in their games, so kids will encounter in-game marketing.

              Roblox's user-uploaded games tend to be more of the shooter/explosion/disaster variety, Minecraft's tends to be more hand-to-hand combat.

              I need more reading and exploration to get a better understanding of how to use Roblox to our student advantage.