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    Module 4: Consolidation Duct Tape


      Take a picture or screenshot of one of the projects you created and post it to the module four discussion. Describe your experience. What did you like or find difficult about this experience? How would you modify or use this experience for learners in the classroom? How can you extend this learning to meet multiple curriculum expectations?



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          pen holder.jpeg

          Basic pen holder on a journal...students love using duct tape...my biggest wondering is how to afford to buy it? It seems expensive for the quantity the students want to use. I was watching the young girl wrap the thin tape around and around a pencil and all I could see was $$ signs...

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            Duct Tape.jpg

            Look who discovered Duct Tape at Dollarama and Michaels discount bin...ME!!!!

            I made a bow tie with Spiderman Duct Tape for my kiddo. I need to add velcro but so far so good. I had difficulty matching the tape at the ends so it doesn't have the cleanest look. I struggled with getting a clean cut with the scissors I was using. I wonder if this would be tricky for students as we don't typically have the best scissors.

            In the past I have taught art and had students create duct tape art which was amazing and certainly fulfills curriculum requirements for the arts. If you google Duct Tape Art you can see some pretty awesome abstract examples. I wonder if there would be some great ways to include geometry and measurement into a duct tape task as well.

            I think it might be interesting to provide a video tutorial for students with no verbal cues. A simple video with only added text for length of material, etc. And in reverse, to have students creating their own instructional videos.

            Lots of fun!!!!

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                Hi Gillian, those are some great ideas! I love the idea of abstract art and geometry! I also really am intrigued with your idea of videos with no verbal cues - and of course getting our students to make their own. Nice score on the duct tape! I recognize a few of them from Michaels You have a few of them from the Dollar store that I like too - sigh... have to go back shopping.

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                Having only the standard grey duct tape at home, I decided to pull out some scrapbook embellishments I had sitting around my home.

                I made the pencil holder and a hair clip after watching a couple of the posted videos. I'm looking forward to hearing over to Micheal's to see what kinds of funky duct tape they have for my next project.



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                  IMG_20160806_152558397 (Medium).jpg

                  Here's a little rose! It would be more symmetrical, but my youngest got his hands on it!

                  I assumed duct tape would be straight forward to work with. I'm used to just ripping off pieces and using them. It wasn't that simple when I wanted to create something that looked nice. The edges for these pieces of tape didn't look smooth when I just ripped the tape apart. So I started to use scissors. The book I used suggested an exacto knife, but I used scissors as that what I thought I'd have kids use at school. It got annoying when the adhesive comes off on the scissors. I could clean them off safely, but I worry about kids doing this. Does anyone have a method to keep the scissors clean? I was thinking I'd just give them a quick clean myself daily, but it would be great if there was something else.


                  I think there are a lot of math connections. Specifically measurement with all the planning that comes along with duct tape projects. Patterns on the tape and in projects could hit patterning expectations as well there would be numerous visual arts connections with the elements and principals of design. Even procedural writing could be done if students make their own creations!


                  I'd love to be able to get duct tape of a mobile cart. I've seen book carts re purposed for mobile carts and putting a tension rod on a shelf work well. I've got old TV carts I'm going to have to use. Does anyone have ways that tape could be stored on that type of cart that's better than just throwing it in a bin?

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                    2016-08-07 18.19.18.jpg

                    I tried looking for duct tape but only very little tape was left (just 1 1/2 inch that can stick) and rest was the tape holder (with tape that if taken out won't stick). I thought I can still use it to make something. I used it make a clip holder and decorated it with some stickers. This activity can be used to teach how to use a recycling material to make something useful i.e. "Best Out of Waste".

                    In this module, learning about all the amazing things we can create using duct tape was a great experience! Depending on the activity we can make connections to different curricular areas. I would love to have duct tapes in my school's Makerspace.

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                      Duck Tape...Who knew?? I always saw it at Dollarama and wondered what I would do with it. I even bought a couple last year because I loved the colour but they are still sitting in my drawer at school. The website with all the projects is incredible and i can't wait to see what the students come up with! I tried out a few things but thought I'd share this one since I headed right out to Dollarama this afternoon and purchased lots of Duct Tape. I thought I'd cover and decorate a box to put it all in.

                      Duct Tape.jpg

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                        This was a fun task. So many possibilities and I liked how the Duct Tape website had tutorials. This could be an art task where students all create something different. Students could then create a procedural writing task to instruct others on how to make it. I would probably have them use either Explain Everything or Movie Maker to document their learning. Since there are so many ideas on what they could make, students could pick something at their level.

                        The flower I made used an x-acto knife which I would not feel comfortable giving to students. Has anyone used these in class?

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                          This is a little box which may daughter designed out of paper and covered in duct tape.  She designed a 3-D net of a box. You could make a challenge to students to design boxes of different sizes and shapes. I have also made a duct tape wallet with her from a craft kit (which required a lot of exact measuring and following directions precisely).  I love all of the cool patterns that are available in duct tape.  However, I do have the same questions echoed by others above - how do you manage with sticky scissors, and not comfortable with x-acto knives?

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                            Here is my duck tape creation... a key chain! I think this would be a great activity to start with in my class.  It's simple, but provides practice in some of the skills that are needed to work with duck tape (measuring the length, folding and and finishing off an end).  There are so many things you can make with duck tape, ranging from simple (like this) to very complicated decorative pieces and jewelry, so it is very easy to accommodate a range of abilities.  I found it difficult to fold the tape so that it overlapped perfectly... this will support students in developing patience and persistence! 

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                              I chose the corner bookmark based on my previous teaching partner. Regularly, she would communicate her frustration with 'corner folders'... What a great solution, requiring limited supplies and time! YET, I did face some challenges. I found my fixed mindset trying to dominate my 'errors' and shut be down... I was acutely aware of my 'self-talk' (negative). I thought this would be a great way to

                              a) teach American (standard) vs. Canadian (metric) units of measure (I teach in a Boarder City, so particularly relevant)

                              b) persistence

                              c) problem solving

                              d) growth mindset

                              e) the beauty of mistakes and the art of modifying to meet success


                              I enjoyed the activity and look forward to acquiring some more interesting tape and trying new projects... Definitely fed my inner creator soul!

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                                I was interested in seeing how well I could follow your video instructions, Melanie; not bad, as it turned out!  I know there are students who will adore working with duct tape, because I do. The patterned tape is lots of fun to work with.  I can see that tape could be a "maker-centre" in my library, with different challenges depending on age, and web tutorials for those that prefer to learn that way!   Some instruction requiired, in particular how to cut it without your scissors getting stuck together!

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                                  I had a go at making hair bows and bow ties with my kids.  I could see students really enjoying this task but it definitely can get frustrating as Laurie said above which I think will make it a good challenge for students. 20160813_160131_resized.jpg

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                                    Hi all,


                                    During the last couple weeks of school, I kept the school library learning commons open for makerspace activities. One of the centres was to create a duct tape bookmark. I created a couple of samples as models. I found that by using cardboard (empty pencil box package) helped to make it sturdy. They also had the option of adding gimp and beads to it.


                                    Next time, I would add more instructions. Integrating math concepts like measurement (size of the bookmark) as well as patterning (creating a pattern using x number of attributes) for the beads and gimp. Some students took the initiative and created their own patterns as seen in the image.


                                    As I mentioned in my previous post, a challenge for me was trying to find solutions to avoid waste. I think this coming year I will take more time and show students how to use the consumables in a way that helps to conserve as opposed to waste.





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                                      My son's birthday was safari themed and I had a lot of fun planning, making and decorating for it.  Below is a picture showing how I used duct tape on the loot bags to seal them and to add some pizzazz.  I started with just a plain paper brown bag and added zebra, cheetah and leopard print tape that I purchased at the Dollar Store for just $1 each.


                                      This project could easily be modified for the classroom by reading the "Paper Bag Princess" by Robert Munsch to the class and then have students choose 10 items to make and place inside the brown paper bag that represent who they are.  This would work great as an introductory beginning of school year getting-to-know you activity.  When finished making all the items to place inside their bags, students will choose the Duct tape of their choice to seal their bags when finished.  Alternatively the bags could also be used to make time capsules at the beginning of the school year. 


                                      The second picture attached is a Duct tape bookmark.  This was very simple and easy to make.  I made it by cutting off the corner of an envelope and then covering it fully with duct tape and then trimming the edges. 


                                      These projects are so simple and easy that they can very easily be done with students in the junior grades as well.


                                      Duct Tape Loot Bags.jpgDuctTape Bookmark.jpg