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    Module 4: Minds On Duct Tape


      In your life experience, how many different ways have you seen or used duct tape? What is the most creative use of this versatile material that you've seen to solve a problem? Add an image to this Google Draw page to create a visual collage or post your thoughts to the Discussion.



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          I added this duct tape image to the collage, but thought I should explain it. My husband is quadriplegic and has no grip. He plays wheelchair tennis for Team Canada. Many Quad players use duct tape to keep the racquets in their hands. We go through a lot of Duct Tape in our house!

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            A few years ago I took students to a Skills Canada cardboard boat building challenging.  Two 6x8 feet pieces of cardboard, contact cements and two rolls of duct tape.  They had two hours to build their boats which they then raced across a pool and then tested to see how many people could fit in it.  Duct tape was a great outside barrier to separate the cardboard from the water.

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              The most creative way that I have ever used duct tape is to make clothing.  It wasn't really to solve a problem, just a way to have some fun with my friends when we were in high school!  They were pretty much "one time use" shirts, and I don't have a photo since this was from a time before everyone had a phone in their pocket (probably a good thing in this situation...), but I can assure you they were spectacular!


              A student at my previous school makes artwork out of duct tape.  I've purchased some of her creations (they're at our cottage, unfortunately) and they're pretty neat... I think she also makes wallets.  Looking forward to seeing what else you can do!

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                Each year, there is a Social Justice forum in our city for two grade 8 students from each school, all boards (Separate, public and French-Catholic). One of the workshops is a 'shared' art piece. All students contribute. This year, the collective art piece was a graffiti wall, which not only contained quotes and messages from the day, but each participant made a duct tape model of their hand with an action they were going to take to improve the world... To be the change... While I no longer have the photos from the finished project. I have attached our tweet. The two students most featured were the attendees from our school. The end product was awesome and creation was so much fun.


                <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Meri and Noel at the Social Justice Forum... U of Windsor <a href="https://t.co/sKhfPTHqkm">pic.twitter.com/sKhfPTHqkm</a></p>&mdash; David Maxwell (@maxwell_stangs) <a href="https://twitter.com/maxwell_stangs/status/701495871406534657">February 21, 2016</a></blockquote> <script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

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                  Duct tape amazes me. The most impressive thing I have seen is duct tape dresses!


                  I had a duct tape centre in my makerspace this past year. Students loved it! They made boats, planes and structures.


                  During the last week of school, I had a challenge for students where they had to make a bookmark. I wanted students to have the opportunity to work with the material and create something that didn't use a lot of the material. They also had the opportunity to use gimp and beads for the "tail" of the bookmark. It was so popular that I had to make a couple of trips to the dollar store and cleaned them out of tape.


                  My struggle this past year was to get students to realize that consumables cost money. I was always telling them before they started a "make and take" challenge/activity to always be mindful of how much to use. I did have a lot of waste. I found students would just make something for the sake of it. This coming year, I will be more explicit in my instructions with students to try and avoid waste where possible.  Live, learn and reflect right?



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                    I don't think I can match some of these great ideas on the discussion board above but I do remember back in High School being the prop person for a school play. I worked with a lot of duct tape the weekend before the rehearsals started making swords, shields and helmets for a scene in the play. I don't think it was particularly pretty but it did the job and saved us a fortune (which we didn't have)!