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What skills or concepts do you teach that are better demonstrated through observations or conversations than through a product?
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This is a PDF of our Living Poster with live links to the 2017 BARN projects. At the bottom of the poster, on the left, you will find a link to our survey results. We are very pleased to report another successful year of self-directed, self-study, values-based, action research. We are very grateful to the TLLP / PKE team for support and resources…
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During a small group session today one of the facilitators of BARN noticed a pattern in discussion when participants were sharing their concerns. She noted that we are skilled educators and therefore wondered: why do we feel the need to prove ourselves?   Further discussion led to some observations and connections that suggest we are often our… (Show more)
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Our project is a partnership between professors at McMaster University and teachers at Dundas Central Public School. Junior and Intermediate classes at our school work with a number of professors and graduate students from McMaster University. Anecdotal observations and parent feedback have highlighted students’ increased engagement with and… (Show more)
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Minds On TVOKids gets kids ready for school, life and to take on the world with the power of learning. Developed for every kind of young learner and connected to various Ontario Curriculum areas for Grades JK-5, TVO-produced children's programs are built in collaboration with educational consultants and classroom-tested to ensure specific…
Minds On is home to numerous award winning documentaries, programs and in-depth current affairs, many of which can be shared in schools, free of advertisements through our online database. These resources include articles and videos that tell important stories about our communities, our country and the interconnected world we live in.  …
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Thanks to an invitation from leah.kearney I had the privilege of participating in the OISE Building Futures event on Monday, April 10th. I joined kwalton and her colleague, Yong Lee, from the Upper Grand District School board as experienced educators doing our best to offer perspective and perhaps answer some questions for this year's concurrent… (Show more)
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Mindfulness and Resiliency
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