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    About You: Discussion


      Please take a moment to tell us a little about yourself and post it to the Discussion Board.

      • Who are you?
      • Where/what are you teaching?
      • What intrigued you to take this course?
      • What do you hope to learn?
      • How do you hope to use this learning?
      • How can we best support you?
      • What hobbies/passions do you currently enjoy?
      • What social media do you use for your PLN? (and what is your handle?)

      In addition, read through the introductions of your peers and comment where you feel a connection. Let’s begin making our community now!

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          Hi, I’m Christy and I teach at St. Thomas Aquinas School in the TCDSB. I have been an educator for over 25 years and I still come to work each day excited about what new adventures and learning will unfold inside and outside our classroom. I have taught all grades but spent some time teaching in a Multiple Exceptionalities classroom using my skills from my clinical practice to support children with autism. After that I found my way to Kindergarten and have never left. The new K program is just what I was hoping for. Inquiry based/play based learning is the only way I can teach. I can finally be my authentic self and provide a learning program that reflects the best needs of my students. This supports children as co-learners and encourages them to take the lead to follow their own interests creates opportunities to solve real world problems that are important to them.

          I have been secretly reading and researching coding and found myself being drawn to find out more. I am a life long, self professed Science Geek. I was hooked on the AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire TV show and was so amazed to see strong woman characters who were leading this movement, even if this was a fictional setting. I wanted to learn more but was afraid because I am not a computer expert, more like a novice. I know what I know, until someone shows me something new and then I add it to my repertoire of basic computer skills. I am the person who cries or has a panic attack, when my computer spews out those pages of random series of letters and symbols with that alarming ERROR message. But now I am curious and interested to find out what this all means. I could be in way over my head but I am inspired to by my little K friends who push me out of my comfort zone and truly believe that a challenge is just another adventure.

          I hope to learn enough to add coding to my K program or possibly start a coding club. I know that this is a current need and the future employment for the children that I have in front of me right now. I do not know of anyone in my school offering any coding opportunities. So, I will try my best to learn as much as I can (at 54 years old) and bring back my experiences to my school community.

          I do use Twitter to show our families and the world what we are up to. You can find me:


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            Hello Everyone,

            My name is Angelo Mizzi and I am a Kindergarten Teacher at Bendale Junior Public School in Scarborough, Ontario. I have been very fortunate to have been teaching Kindergarten for 11 years. I started learning about unplugged coding and trying out unplugged coding in my classroom this year. I was intrigued to take this course to learn more about coding (i.e., other forms of coding there are in addition to unplugged coding).  I will love to use the learning I acquire from this course in my classroom and share what I learned with other educators at my school. For example, our school has dash and dot robots and would love to start using them in my classroom next year with the knowledge I learn from this course. I hope to use this learning to expand my knowledge about and expand the coding knowledge of my students. They have been enjoying unplugged coding and I would love to take coding to the next level for them.  I can best be supported in this course by visuals as I am a visual learner. In terms of hobbies, I have enjoy taking walks and discovering new parts of the city to explore on my walks.  I am looking forward to this course and am grateful that it is being offered. You can find me and my classroom on twitter at @classroom106

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              Hello everyone.

              John Lee here from Waterloo Region DSB.  I am a curriculum consultant with responsibilities in the area of elementary mathematics.  I work with teachers and administrators from grades 1 through 8 exploring mathematics instruction and how mathematical ideas grow in student thinking.  Last year, I was involved in a math/coding project with Spheros, as a professional inquiry into how coding can support mathematical thinking and learning.  Teaches found coding experiences highly motivating for most students.  They did express some questions about how coding supports the introduction and development of mathematical concepts, instead of the application of already developed mathematical ideas.  My personal professional inquiry is to explore this question in more detail: How can coding support the DEVELOPMENT of deep mathematical conceptual understanding in elementary aged students?  Having a better understanding of this will enable me to support teachers as they reflect on how coding will be used to support student learning in their classrooms.  Currently, I'm exploring coding through Unity on a udemy course, along with a statistics course as well.  My twitter handle: @John_Lee_WRDSB

              Regards, John

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                Hello...my name is Jane and I teach Kindergarten at Echo Bay Central Public School in the Algoma District School Board.  I will be entering my 24th year of teaching this fall  and have been fortunate to have taught Kindergarten for most of these years.  I discovered coding in Kindergarten while following several Ontario Kindergarten blogs this year.  I was very excited to try out some of the non electronic coding activities described in these blogs in our classroom during the month of June.  The children enjoyed giving each other directions to retell some of our favourite stories.  I was impressed that these types of activities are able to relate to all of the Four Frames of our Kindergarten Program.  I look forward to learning more about how I can further use coding in our classroom.  I have a twitter account and can be reached @JaneVienneau1 (I must confess that I have not used this platform very much but am willing to learn!).

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                  Hello! My name is Deanna and I'm an FDK teacher down in Windsor! I have taught kindergarten for 15 years now. I love the play and inquiry-based approach and have been fascinated with how process-based math fits into this model. I think that when we use children's interests to guide programming, amazing things can happen.


                  I've spent a lot of time lately exploring how unplugged coding can fit into the inquiry model. I blog and tweet extensively about our adventures in the hopes of advocating for tech in the early years and also in order to network and idea share with likeminded individuals. I'm @McLennan1977 for those who would like to connect.


                  I'm hoping this course will help me continue with this journey and consider other ways of engaging my students with coding in the classroom. I'm looking for inspiration to advance the unplugged activities we are already doing, and the next steps for the children who have already mastered those activities. I'm thinking specifically of my year 2 children who will return to me eager to continue with their coding adventures. How can I support these children in developmentally appropriate ways?


                  Looking forward to learning alongside everyone! Thanks for the opportunity!

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                    Hi, my name is Iain. I have been teaching in Scarborough for the TDSB for 27 years. I have taught everything from 1 - 8, most of them combined grades - I've only taught single grades 6 or 7 times. Currently I am teaching in 7/8 with a great teaching partner who is willing to go all in on inquiry, UDL, and possibly going gradeless at St. Andrews P.S. [Hey, Angelo! We're around the corner from each other!] I also teach online in the grad ed department at UWO where I seem to learn as much from my students there as I do in my regular classroom.


                    I wanted to take this course because I am always searching for more and different ways to teach. I am intrigued by the use of robots as part of teaching CT. I was introduced to them by our local HS science teacher who hosted our school for a full day workout. It was great, and I hope to get even more ideas here from the course and the participants.


                    Currently, I am constantly reading. I have all but given up watching TV except for the occasional show on Netflix - and hockey, it's a great way to get my mind refreshed. I also enjoy playing miniatures and board games - I tell my wife it's cheaper than golfing. ;-) My main passion is teaching and pushing myself to reach absolutely everyone in my class.


                    I am on Facebook grudgingly as it is the easiest way to keep in touch with a few of my friends who are quite widespread. Otherwise, I use Twitter @Iainbro for my personal PLN, and @St_Andrews_112 for my classroom feed. I am wary of going on too often, because I have a really great collection of people I follow and it is easy to spend a lot of time diving into their posts and links.




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                      Hi, I'm Matt.  I have been teaching in Scarborough for 15 years.  I have taught K-2 most of these years, but the last few years I have been a Teacher-Librarian.  I wanted to take the course to expand my use of coding at my school.  We started with the Hour of Code a few years ago and moved onto Scratch and Code Studio this past year.  I find it interesting the number of parents who drop by the library to say hello has increased since we have started with coding.  They have lots of questions and consider it a useful skills for their children to learn at school.  It's also great to see students who typically struggle with the traditional paper-pencil tasks excel at other activities like coding.


                      My hope for this course is to expand on my knowledge of coding and get ideas.  My principal would like all our students to have the opportunity to visit the library to acquire some skills in coding.  I purchased a couple of Makey Makey sets at the end of June and hope to add an electronic component to future coding activities.

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                        Hi I'm Laura,


                        I am currently an elementary OT for TVDSB, returning to the profession after years away as a SAHM. My goal is to work in the intermediate division, and my curricular focus is on math and science. I'm interested in the cross-curricular possibilities of coding in the classroom, including procedural writing and communication, spatial problem solving, and STEAM topics in general. I have a little experience with Scratch and python, but I am still at the beginning stages of my coding journey.


                        I saw this course in Brian Aspinall's twitter feed. I made it a personal goal last winter to develop my resources to include coding in my teaching, partly as a way to integrate subject areas within the curriculum. I am intrigued by the idea of coding as communication; it requires accuracy and precision that are useful tools in collaboration and expression of ideas. I see it as a useful assessment tool since it has the potential to show potential gaps in understanding that might otherwise be overlooked. It also provides immediate and concrete feedback to students in a visible, physical way.


                        I am also interested in expanding on my small repertoire of unplugged activities, particularly those that can be accomplished within a single period (the practical demands of being a supply teacher!). I hadn't seen csunplugged before--looks like a fantastic resource!


                        I am on Twitter and Facebook, as @LemonadebyLaura

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                          Good afternoon everyone! My name is David Ferren and have been an elementary school teacher for 21 years at the Niagara Catholic DSB. Over the past 21 years I have taught grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. I am currently teaching grade 4 at St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School in Niagara Falls. Located in the heart of the original downtown area of Niagara Falls, my school and its students face many socioeconomic challenges. I am taking this course with the desire to learn about the fundamentals of introductory coding (as I honestly know very little at this point). I have however read many articles about the growing importance of being coding-literate, and for the 2017/2018 school year mathematics is the focus of our school improvement plan. I hope to broaden my students' awareness of the possibilities that are open to them in their future with a skill set grounded in  science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Though I use it rarely, it's never too late to start: my twitter account is @DavidFerren1965

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                            Hi! My name is Shannon and I am a FDK teacher in Oshawa. I was introduced to coding through one of my FB Kindergarten groups and then from there I joined a coding group (thank you Deanna). I am very interested in learning more about coding over the summer, so we can implement it in the fall. I would love to see how coding looks in other FDK classes. What other educators feel worked well and what didn't. I would also love to hear about other great coding resources. 

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                              My name is Penny, and I work for Richmond Hill Montessori & Elementary Private School. I have been teaching here for almost 12 years now... Grade 6, but teaching Grade 8 curriculum. Next year, I am going to be a designated Math Teacher - and I am looking to introduce coding into my math class! My students created some games using Scratch this year, and they were so engaged, I would like to continue this trend! I like John's question about how to use coding for development of math and not just as an application.

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                                My name is Perri and I have just finished teaching quite a few years of FDK and am looking forward to Grade 4 this year. And yes you can code with Jk and Sk students on large graphing mats with movement arrows etc. We also had them on the computer. It added a lot of fun and a new challenge for the students this year - and for me! That is really what I want to do for my new Grade 4 class as well. My friend has encouraged me to take this course. She is always trying to blow up my mind somehow. I don't do any social media connecting although my Kindie class was Twittering for awhile. I will try to make my journey with you as fulfilling as possible although I am not sure how committed I am. I did enjoy reading everyone's intros. and will make my way through the video and articles you have so far suggested. Thanks P

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                                  Hello! My name is also Peri! I teach junior and intermediate in YRDSB.  I honestly don't know much about coding and have little interest in it myself, however, want to learn about it so that I can spice up my math lessons by incorporating it to help engage my students more in math. I am looking forward to learning how I can integrate the math curriculum into coding and am hoping that if I learn about it more, I will be more enthusiastic to teach it too! Thanks! Peri

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                                    Hi my name is Shannon and I currently teach with TCDSB.  I have been an educator for 15 years mostly in the primary division.  The past two years I was in the FDK program and in September will have a K/1.  I am taking this course because during the past school year our FDK division focused on creating STEM challenges for our students.  We were overwhelmed with their creative solutions and ideas.  We also introduced them to coding with Scratch Jr. and The Foos apps.  I know nothing about coding and was learning right along side with my students.  I would like to have a more in depth knowledge of coding in order to explain to my parents why coding is becoming the new literacy to learn.  When I am not teaching my 30 Kinders you will find me playing box lacrosse a sport I love.  I play it recreational (non-contact) in a co-ed league and full contact in the summer with a women's team.  I am glad full contact is only in the summer because explain why I am covered in bruises to a bunch of Kinders can be difficult since we teach them that hitting each other is not ok!  I also enjoying taking courses - I will be the forever student.  I am currently in a couple of Geneva Centre for Autism educators on line courses.   Lastly, I enjoy running cross country with my Shar Pei Toby - High Park is one of our favourite places.  

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                                      Who are you?

                                      Eric Dunbar, a secondary school teacher of many different things. Trained in biology but now transitioning to Computer Science and learning a boatload of new things in the realm of computer science. I am partially an autodidact, as are many people in the world CS, but, I've also been taking formal CS courses through Athabasca U.

                                      Where/what are you teaching?

                                      Secondary 9-12 school in Toronto.

                                      What intrigued you to take this course?

                                      I'm new to the world of CS teaching so I figured this would be a way to explore teaching CS. My ABQ, completed on-line last fall, left me wanting more (FYI it seems that so few people are pursuing CS as a teaching path that only one school can scrape together enough candidates to take the course in the whole province).

                                      What do you hope to learn?

                                      I'm not sure.

                                      How do you hope to use this learning?

                                      Directly in my secondary CS classrooms, but, also to support my colleagues in other departments. I also frequently wear a full-fledged science teacher hat so I'm curious to see where I can take it there.

                                      How can we best support you?

                                      Give me opportunities to see what other people are doing, to hear from others, and see, preferably through video, what they're doing.

                                      What hobbies/passions do you currently enjoy?

                                      Depends on how tired I am. Before three kids I enjoyed physical activities. Now, with kids physical activity has paradoxically cratered, just when I need to be in good physical shape. As for non-physical activities--this summer I'm working on teaching myself VB.net, possibly C# and UWP (Windows 10 programming).

                                      What social media do you use for your PLN? (and what is your handle?)

                                      At the best of times I am not a huge fan of social media, especially for professional reasons. Over the years I've seen too many people's lives utterly and completely destroyed by social media, sometimes by mistakes they made themselves on social media, and other times because of modern lynch-mob "justice" campaigns that have taken the power to name and shame many, many steps too far.


                                      As such, I keep as low a profile as possible on social media. For that matter, now that I think about it, I regret using my real name here. Perhaps I should start a new account?

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                                        Greetings. I am Donna and I teach with the Durham Catholic DSB. I took a mighty leap from kindergarten about 10 years ago and landed in the Intermediate division. I have been there since... and I am teaching grade 7 this September.

                                        This past year, a LTO teacher introduced us (our school)  to coding and robotics. As a school community, we were hooked and the students were fully engaged. Every teacher explored coding with their class to some degree and there was only positive feedback. Lunchtime clubs started immediately based on demand and continued with amazing participation.

                                        Sadly for us.... happily for her, this amazing teacher has accepted a position elsewhere in our board. I want to learn as much as I can, so that I can do my part, to ensure that the good work that was started in our learning community continues. Our amazing teacher-librarian is working on a maker space, green screen and a robotic lab in our learning commons. I am at the beginning of this learning and am curious to know more. I see the value of integrating coding into my teaching as the wonderful computational thinking and reasoning that occurs is essential for developing 21st century thinkers and problem solvers.

                                        While I look forward to Summer learning (this being but one entry on my schedule) I also love to read and to tend my rather extensive garden. My garden had been somewhat neglected these past three years with the arrival of my grandchildren who I spend every extra minute with. The weeds will wait!   My personal passion is making art - I am currently focused on painting, mono prints and sculpture.

                                        I participate on social media to stay connected to family and friends, and I inconsistently maintain a twitter account @dubhlan

                                        Virtually yours, Donna

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                                          • Who are you?

                                            My name is Shari. 

                                          • Where/what are you teaching?

                                          I teach Secondary school in Toronto and am head of the Special Education dept. I have been teaching for 16 years and I, too, won a PM Award (is that my shameless plug?!!) several years ago. Congrats on that.

                                          • What intrigued you to take this course?

                                            I need to know about this.  I want my students to have every advantage possible and that starts with technology. 

                                          • What do you hope to learn?

                                          I hope to be able to learn some new technology I can integrate into my classroom. We are introducing BYOD next year and I want to take advantage of that.

                                          • How do you hope to use this learning?

                                            I want to use it in my classroom but I suppose I need to know what I learn from this course to answer this fully. 

                                          • How can we best support you?

                                          Be patient with me.  I really do not know very much about this and have never done a Code hour.

                                          • What hobbies/passions do you currently enjoy?

                                            My dogs.  Reading, writing, watching movies, 

                                          • What social media do you use for your PLN? (and what is your handle?)

                                          I use FB and a bit of twitter personally.  My twitter handle is @theedcafe I have no idea what a PLN is.

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                                            I'm Mindy and I teach kindergarten in the DDSB. It's my 7th year in K. I am just returning from an extended mat leave and ready to awaken my brain to something new and exciting!


                                            My daughter is in Gr 4 and she is a coding pro! It's amazing to see what she creates! She loves Scratch. The creative and problem solving aspects of coding suit her interests so well.


                                            I am interested to see what coding looks like in the K classroom. I think it's so fascinating that this is truly a literacy that our kids will really benefit from being fluent in. I love that it is so creative and puts makers in control of technology.


                                            My hobbies include- I have no hobbies I have 3 small children!  


                                            Looking forward to learning lots!


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                                              My name is Leah.

                                              I teach grade 3 in the York Region.  I have been teaching for 17 years and have a need and strong desire to develop the technology element to my practice.  I hope to gain some new relevant learning in terms of technology integration into my classroom.  Other than the hour of code we participate in our school, I have no other experience with coding, something I would like to change!


                                              When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my three daughters and loving husband.  I also love going for long runs to clear my mind


                                              Honestly, I am not an active social media user, other than Pinterest, teachersfollowteachers and whattheteacherwants.

                                              Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort level,


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                                                My name is Andrew McDonald.  After my B.Ed. in Ottawa in I/S Physics, Chemistry (and S Math), I moved to the Middle East to teach for four years and now I'm back in Ottawa trying to get into the system. While in the Middle East, I got a chance to learn more about robotics in the classroom and had 90 hours worth of training in EV3 and NXT.  This is where I got more interested in coding and robotics in the classroom.  Before moving back to Canada in June '16, I looked for people in the coding/robotics area and started to follow aspinabr  .  I'm currently trying my hand as an Educational Consultant based in Ottawa and also working part-time for a non-profit http://kidscodejeunesse.org/ as the OT list is very tough to get on.


                                                I'm very interested in learning more about coding in the classroom and expanding my PLN and my resources for supporting teachers learning coding in the classroom.


                                                I enjoy watching movies, traveling, geocaching, technology and having fun with my 2-year old son (and wife)!


                                                I use twitter as my social media and others can follow me @afmcdnl  


                                                I'm hoping that I connect with some educators and expand my PLN!!

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                                                  Hi Everyone!

                                                  My name is Tara and I have been teaching for 17 years with the DCDSB and have spent time in all divisions but have found my calling in the intermediate area. I will be teaching Grade 7/8 next fall. I was drawn to this course for a few reasons. I was lucky to be part of a TILT training with our board last year and have also been turned on to TeachOntario by my daughter's teacher who has contributed some great ideas. I am also currently working on the Microsoft Educator programs in their Summer School as well as taking the Integration of Computers in the Classroom AQ. I do have experience with Scratch, Scratch JR the Foos, and Code.org as well as the robotics programs through Lego. I am hoping to engage my students more in realizing the value behind these games and to open up their eyes to the pathway they can take in the future with being able to code effectively.

                                                  I am a mother of 2 amazing young kids who are both obsessed with computers and technology and a husband who spends a great deal of time exploring as well. In our off times, we love concerts, our backyard and watching our kids play soccer and hockey and supporting our figure skating daughter too.

                                                  I am on Twitter @tarapaul

                                                  Looking forward to learning with all of you!

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                                                    Hello all! My name is Heather Yearwood.  I have been loving learning adventures alongside amazing teachers and students for 24 years.  Many of those 24 years I was the only Teacher Librarian in my Board and now work as Curriculum Learning Partner for a group of schools in HPEDSB encouraging teachers and students as they work together to create rich learning opportunities.  In my early "tech" experiencing blogging I knew from applying "embed codes" there was some important languages happening behind the scenes of digital.  I have loved Hour of Code for several years and have dipped my toes into Scatch and robotics like EV3, Dot and Dash, Ozobots alongside many apps.  Feeling like explorations are always a "one off" and would love to see coding as it supports authentic literacy and RMS initiatives. Love all the conversations I have read so far about FDK integration also. Enjoy travel - especially anywhere with an ocean, digital scrapbooking, home renos and reading by the pool.

                                                    My Twitter handle is @heatheryearwood

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                                                      Hi everyone,


                                                      I'm Christie Nerino, and I am a math lead and special education resource teacher with the Northwest Catholic DSB.  I've been teaching since 2005 and have taught all elementary grades except Early Learning 1+2, Grade 6 and Grade 8. 


                                                      In terms of coding, I'd rate myself as a beginner, for sure.  This year, I used Kodable with grade 2+3 students.  I don't have a lot of background knowledge, but I'm eager to learn!  I have a particular interest in self-regulation and mindfulness in the classroom and am passionate about translating research into practice, especially when it comes to math, computer science and special needs students.    


                                                      I have two kids, a husband and a naughty golden retriever at home, and in my free time, I enjoy yoga, reading, taking courses and spending family time. 


                                                      My twitter handle is @mindingmath, and one of my goals is to get comfortable using it.  Best wishes! 

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                                                        Hi everyone,

                                                        I'm Christina Kwong and I am a grade 1 teacher at Lincoln Alexander PS in DDSB. I will also be the math lead at my school this September and I am currently also taking AQ Mathematics Part 1. I've been with DDSB for almost 15 years however I have been out of teaching for a handful of years as my family has grown (3 boys, 2 are in school) but I have always had a passion for mathematics, inquiry learning, and all things hands-on and tangible. And am very excited to be jumping back into a more formal role as an educator. I've signed up for this course because I have seen Bee Bots in action in a primary classroom and the excitement the kids had was palpable and contagious. I want to explore what options are out there for me with coding and all that it entails to engage my students and have it connect to curriculum and use it as a way to deliver curriculum instead of it being an add-on. But I am definitely at the beginner stage of these so please be patient:)

                                                        My interests are reading, exercising, travelling and keeping my children generally safe and fully clothed.

                                                        My twitter handle is @MsCKwong

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                                                          My name is Frank. I am married and have 3 kids (11,16,and 20). I live in Windsor and work for the Greater Essex County District SChool Board. I will be starting my 19th year as a teacher here, and have spent all of those years in Spec. Ed. In my current program I work with children dealing with significant mental health issues ranging in age 7 - 16.


                                                          I have always been interested in computers and technology. I have read a great deal about the exciting world of coding in the classroom but have not formally integrated it in my daily routine. At most, I have encouraged students to explore coding using services like code.org and scratch.


                                                          The more I read about coding, the more interested I have become in exploring it more formally, to see for myself how it can benefit students and how it can be integrated in the classroom.


                                                          I would like to develop a more general understanding of coding, where it fits into the current curriculum, and its’ value for preparing students for the future. I am hearing more conversations about revisions to the Ontario curriculum, and it seems like coding will receive some attention. I would like to be prepared when that happens.


                                                          My interests are environmental science, technology, biology, spending time outdoors, reading, and creating a web centric classroom for an independent learning experience for students.


                                                          Most of my PLN happens within my Office 365 school account: frank.stagno@publicboard.ca.


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                                                            I am Patricia, I teach in Upper Grand District School Board. I teach grade 3/4 and I coding in my class this year and the kids loved it. It really allowed some kids to shine in ways they weren't prior to introducing it. We also took part in the Canada 150 contest with scratch and they really enjoyed that. I am interested in starting a Coding Club at my school this year and would love to hear some ideas or input for making this a success. I am on twitter, I just don't know my contact name at the moment.

                                                            I am taking this course mostly for interest purposes and to see what extra things I can offer my students for coding. As for coding assisting in deeper math, I witnessed this in my classroom as students really became more intune with their problem solving abilities after working with coding.

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                                                              I'm Alice Wong, a grade 7/8 split grade teacher in YRDSB. I've introduced Hour of Code and Beyond to my classes before and most students just love it. I would like to learn more about coding so I can integrate into the curriculum. Another goal is to set up a girl coding club as they seem to be more hesitant to explore further.


                                                              Looking forward to learning with you all.

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                                                                Hi everyone,


                                                                I'm Lynn and I am a grade 7 teacher  (starting my 16th year in that grade) at École catholique St-Michel in New Liskeard, part of CSCDGR.  This year, I have introduced my students to Scratch Jr.  I had never explored it, nor played much with it prior to having the app installed on our class Ipads.  The students coded during their morning routine and after their work was done.  Some of them really took to it and could teach others. Then,  had the opportunity to have LegoMindstorm kits in my class for a month as part of a board wide project to give a little taste of coding to different schools/students.  When the legos arrived in my class, I had only a 1 hour course with EV3.  Therefore, I YouTubed  a lot to self learn.  However, the students ventured with the program and little help from me and created good programs.  However, once more this was done on their own time as I didn't know how to implement it in the classroom (I didn't have enough for everyone to code at the same time) and didn't know how to link it to the curriculum.  I would like to expand my knowledge of coding (next step after Scratch Jr.) and how to implement it in the classroom.  I hope to convince our principal to buy some Legos or other robotic sets so that we can continue with this new technology world. I love to learn, so I am excited about this course.

                                                                On MY time, I like to do activities with the family (camping, fishing, sports, board games), gardening, weightlifting, readin and cooking.


                                                                I do have a Twitter account, but used mostly to follow others as there is not enough hours in my day : @lynncharland



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                                                                  Hi all, my name is Gillian and I teach for the UGDSB. I teach a special education class in the am and am the school librarian in the pm. My motivation to take this course is to engage in new learning and incorporate this into the library program. We are at the beginning stages of implementing a functional Maker Space. I collaborate with other teachers a lot and there is a need to bring coding to the students. My hope is to expand my learning in a way I can develop library programs/innovative collaborations and perhaps into my spec ed class too!

                                                                  My own interests include reading, sports/fitness, camping and my young family. Looking forward to breaking some new ground here.

                                                                  • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                    Good Morning

                                                                    My Name is Roseanne Plant and I currently teach primary... Grade 2 next year! I have had my students begin coding on sites such as code.org and lightbot.com and they love it! I was truly amazed to watch them problem solve and navigate the 'coding' world with very little prompting or assistance from me. I would love to learn how to link some of this coding to the curriculum to find a way to connect it meaningfully for kids so they can see the value of it and not just as a 'game'. The 'why' they should know it... The 'how' they should use it... the 'what' it teaches us! Because if I am being truly honest, I don't think I know the answers to these questions myself. I have been implementing STEM activities into my classroom over the last 2 years and coding has been the latest edition. It is my hope that I am doing everything I can to prepare my students for anything they choose to do down the road and provide them with an experience in the classroom that is both memorable, and full of learning!!!

                                                                    I enjoy being a mother and I am truly enjoying how blessed I am as a teacher to be able to spend such an amazing amount of time with my children. I use twitter @ThePlantPress and I look forward to learning from all of you!

                                                                    • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                      Debra Metzger - I am the prinicpal at Killaloe Public School (K - 8) with the Renfrew County District School Board. KPS is a small rural school with a population of 120 students. We have a morning assembly before the start of the classroom day where the children sing the anthem, have a current event presentation and practice mindfulness and 3 times a week - Yoga. I have dabbled in programming language as a young teacher using Turning and Visual Basic platforms but much of this has been forgotten over the years. I am a believer that learning how to code will strengthen students' abilities to problem solve, persist and work collaboratively. To support this, I have purchased 6 spheros, 3 meccano 2.0 robots, 5 Ozobots, 2 Codapillars and a 3 D printer. Now it is time to get the children creating some meaningful programs and using the equipment for learning. I am hoping that this course will give me guidance on how to best begin our school journey on integrating coding into the curriculum. Our school Twitter account is @killaloeps

                                                                      • Re: About You: Discussion


                                                                        My name is Leona, and I teach in a rural school in Britt, Ontario. I currently teach Language, Math, Science, Social Studies/History-Geography in a triple grade 6-7-8 class for 2/3 of the day and the other 1/3 I am the French teacher in our JK-8 school. This year will be my second with this particular schedule, and I am having a lot of fun learning how to be a Math teacher.


                                                                        One of the reasons I took this course is that I am currently the lead for a TLLP with a focus on gamification and computer programming in the classroom. I am also taking this course because I love to learn. If I am not involved in at least five other courses, I feel something is missing. I am hoping to learn something in this class to spice up my computer programming journey and bring something new to my students in the fall.


                                                                        Over the past two years, I have been trying to bring game design to my students, and I am looking for any new software or approach to help with this journey.


                                                                        Aside from being a full-time teacher, I am a mother of three, a published novelist, and a lifelong learner. I design and create 3D beaded animals as well as stone jewellery. My middle son tells me that I do not understand the meaning of relaxation. I enjoy anything that requires my mind and my hands.


                                                                        I am a Twitter user, and you can find me @HassWriter. I would like to say that I am also Metis and work in a school with high First Nations population so would be interested in connecting with anyone who shares a similar background. I look forward to this journey.

                                                                        • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                          Hey Everyone,

                                                                          Sorry for the late entry.  I got a new puppy just before the end of school, and he has been keeping me BUSY!!!  I am a teacher-librarian at an elementary school in SCDSB.  So I have been working with all of the grades introducing students to media literacy, new technologies, GAFE, STEAM and coding.  I do a lot of partnering usually on Social Studies, Science or Music, but next year I'd really like to take on more of a leadership presence in my school in Math.  I just completed my Math Specialist with Brian (who mentioned this course), and since I did quite a bit of coding with my students this year, I was quite intrigued with this course and how I could connect some of the coding I do in the library with Math.  I'm hoping to learn some new coding programs (hopefully some where I actually have to write the code and not just use blocks), and get some good ideas on how to cover the math curriculum with coding.

                                                                          Some more about me personally, this summer I plan on finishing my basement, training my puppy (I also have a 4 year old retriever who is helping with that), seing some concerts and hanging out at some friends cottages.  During the school year I coach 4 basketball teams, conduct 2 bands, run the special play days and assemblies at my school and so am ready for a BREAK!!!  I am sad to say that I have STILL not warmed up to Twitter or Snap Chat...I just can't get into them yet...please don't judge.

                                                                          • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                            Hi there,

                                                                            My name is Lisa and I am a Teacher-Librarian at Clara Hughes PS K-8 with the DDSB. we have an active, flexible learning commons and our students make great use of the space to read, research, collaborate with others, to calm and relax and to engage,

                                                                            I partner with the majority of the teachers in our school, particularly in the areas of inquiry and technology.

                                                                            I have had some experience using Scratch and Scratch Jr, and our students were engaged using these coding programs. We have Spheros that are primarily used for programming in grade 5, due to teacher knowledge and comfort and access. I am hoping to gain some knowledge of how coding can be seamlessly integrated through your school day and how to build capacity with our teachers to effectively do this.

                                                                            Thanks for offering this forum for learning!

                                                                              • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                Hi Lisa, It sounds like the Learning Commons at your school is an amazing collaborative learning space for your school community.  I love being a teacher-librarian.  There are so many opportunities to learn alongside teachers and students. 

                                                                              • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                My name is Carrie and I currently teach Numeracy & Technology K-5, in the Peel District School Board (Brampton). I am a planning time teacher, and next year will be my 3rd year in this position. The name of the classroom is the "Math Tech Learning Classroom", (MTLC). I focus on the Number Sense strand with the students, teaching through games, provocations, open questions, etc., and I connect students to various technologies/apps as tools, as practice, and to capture student thinking.

                                                                                What intrigues me about this course is being able to see the connection to the math curriculum, and how I can implement these ideas into my classroom teaching. I am the type of person that needs to see the big picture and the connections between the big ideas. I hope to be able to share my learning, co-plan and co-teach with the various teachers at my school. I am currently our school "Math Lead", and I completed my Math Specialist this year. I know there is always more learning to do! I have dabbled in the coding world: having done the hour of code, hosting small student clubs, with certain classes using Hopscotch, Scratch Jr, Kodables, Dash and Dot. I would like to be able to envision the use of coding as more ingrained in my everyday teaching, and not as a club or stand-alone activity.

                                                                                I enjoy playing baseball, cooking, bike riding, reading, and hanging out with my 2 kids! Spending time with my family this summer is something I'm really looking forward to.

                                                                                I've been using the twitter handle @RidgeviewMTLC for the past 2 years - and am currently working on setting up a blog. Sharing and organizing the teaching and learning is one of my goals this summer. I tend to use #rpsmtlc to tag my posts and help me to Storify some of the things we do.

                                                                                • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                  Hi, I'm Elizabeth.

                                                                                  I teach kindergarten with the Greater Essex DSB. I have used Osmo to do coding and participated in the hour of code with my classes. I love how the students learn so much about spatial sense and creating and following directions. I use Twitter @1Jhughbeaton to document learning. I would love to learn more about "unplugged" coding activities and how to support my students better as they learn. I am very excited to learn more about coding!

                                                                                  • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                    My name is Cathy Russell. My new job title is Technology Experience Design Coordinator and I work at Branksome Hall Junior School which is an all girls IB school. I work with other teachers to integrate technology into the curriculum. I also teach computational thinking (coding), computer applications, digital leadership (citizenship), and design thinking to students in grades JK-6. Last summer I redesigned my computer lab into a Makerspace. This allowed me to purchase more materials, tools and supplies. We now have Code-a-pillars, Bee-bots, Ozobots, mBots, Pro-bots, Lego NXTs and We-Do. The students also use code.org, Scratch, Scratch Jr. and Code Academy. Next year we will also introduce Minecraft and possible Bloxels. One of my main goals last year was to ensure that all grade levels were able to complete a least one design thinking project.

                                                                                    I was intrigued to take this course because I am always interested in learning more about computational thinking. I also wanted to take part because @mraspinall is leading it.

                                                                                    I want to use my knowledge to further integrate computational thinking into the curriculum at all grade levels. I also want to help other teachers to see how they can use it as well.

                                                                                    I also want to explore teaching spatial thinking more explicitly next year.

                                                                                    My twitter handle is @CathyITRussell

                                                                                    • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                      Hello everyone,

                                                                                      I hope that I am doing this correctly, first time taking a course through teachontario and excited to be a part of this!

                                                                                      My name is Denae Tepperman (Naftolin) and I have been teaching kindergarten for 8 years and taught other grades before that. I teach for York region District School Board. Come September, I will be one of the teachers opening a brand new school in my community! I am very excited and ready for the adventure, I have always wanted to open a new school.  I am a beginner when it comes to coding, so I am hoping to take in as much as possible to put into our new school come September.

                                                                                      I have a two year old little guy who is my life. He keeps me busy and on my toes and we have the best time inquiring and investigating together! My biggest passions rest with my family and my devotion to teaching through explorin and developing curiosity. Perfect for FDK!

                                                                                      I do not have a blog nor a twitter account but hope to learn how to in the future.

                                                                                      • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                        Hello. My name is Sandra Hayden and I have been teaching as an Occasional teacher for 9 years. I have had contracts every years so I have been most fortunate. I have also taught every grade for extended periods of time.  I have to admit that I have fallen in love with primary.  Grades 1-3 are my favourite.  I have heard about coding through my twitter feed and then at a math CLC through OECTA.  It has been fun watching the progression of coding in Ontario.  Currently I am setting up my room for a three week summer learning program where the focus is on Math, Literacy and Coding/Robotics.  Of course we will have the FNMI perspective as well. 

                                                                                        I love to read for pleasure, and enjoy learning about teaching math.  Currently I am working on a math project that gives teachers a linear look at the curriculum to determine where there students are according to grades.  It is fun.  I have done the hour of code and I have also done Canada learns Code in June.  The students that I have noticed that take the most interest in coding apps  are often those with some form of learning difficulty.  They would spend hours on coding apps like Scratch Jr and fight you on completing a task in class.  I hope to learn more about coding and apply it to my teaching. I think that coding and STEAM activities go hand in hand and we will be seeing more of these in the future!

                                                                                        • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                          I am Patrick Selin and have been teaching a grade 5/6 split for the past five school years. I have previously taught various subjects in grades k - 8. As part of a 1:1 iPad in the classroom board initiative I am looking for ways to be more efficient and integrating with technology use and using it as a tool. We also have re-vamped our former computer lab to become a maker space and would like to get in-depth ideas to maximize the learning that can happen. I am looking for some jumping off points, base information that I can take, research, adapt to my classroom and students. I want to make sure that they are prepared and a have a skill set that is advantageous to them throughout high school and into post-secondary and/or the workforce. I want them to learn to think. I am not fluent in technology, I am comfortable with it and wiling to challenge myself. I like to ask questions. My hobbies include outdoor sports and activities and being a dad. Looking forward to the course.

                                                                                          • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                            My name is Melissa Baker and I am a grade 5 teacher at St. John XXIII Catholic School in DCDSB.  I have been teaching for 27 years and am always looking for ways to keep current.  We have participated in the hour of code in my classes for the past few years.  I am looking for ways to use coding in my class throughout the year as opposed to just one tiny section.  We have chrome books in the class (2:1) and would love to see more ways to use them.

                                                                                            • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                              Looking forward to the course and it is exciting to see so many participants.  I am a teacher librarian and grade 2/3 curriculum coverage teacher.  I currently teach in Durham region and along with another teacher started our first robotics and coding club this year.  I am a beginner and look forward to continuing my learning.  I hope to take back my knowledge in the fall and continue to learn with my students.  Flexibility will assist me in throughout the course.  Participating while on vacation will be a challenge.  I often use Twitter.

                                                                                              • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                                Little late to the party but..


                                                                                                My name is Rupali Rodgers and I've been teaching Kindergarten for 5 years. Currently, I teach a Makerspace PREP for JK/SK students at the all kindergarten school; Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy.  This year, I've been exploring many unplugged opportunities for coding in play (Coding a marble run, coding our finger knitting sequence, etc) as well as looking at computational thinking through robotics like BeeBot, Scratch Jr. and Dash (With Blockly Jr for pre-readers). I took this course because I'm interested in learning more about coding for young children and how else I can apply it to my teaching. In particular, how we can provide more rich opportunities for coding and computational thinking for our youngest learners given the platforms that are accessible to pre-readers.


                                                                                                My hobbies include reading (Currently Audio books in the cars while I'm sitting in traffic ) and running. I've also dove head first into the Maker movement and love reading anything Maker-related.


                                                                                                I use Twitter mostly and follow the many wonderful educators out there. My twitter handle is @rodgers_rupali

                                                                                                  • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                                    Hi Rupali,

                                                                                                    The use of Prep teachers in K to involve coding and maker spaces would be the opportunity of a lifetime. I have been advocating this for our school board but no interest. We get our prep from Physed and Music teachers which takes away from our large blocks of inquiry time. These are the only subjects that are taught in isolation. Having a Prep educator join in our existing inquiry projects would make the learning seamless. Better yet to have a dedicated space to make and explore coding would be beneficial for all learners. The Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy has been such a leading role model for many school boards and educators. Hopefully one day, we will get there too.

                                                                                                  • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                                    Hi my name Peter Zuech. I have been teaching for 25 years with the Toronto Catholic District SB. Before that I was a biomedical engineer (10 years - mostly at U of T and Toronto General Hospital) where I spent my time designing and creating custom hardware/software solutions for researchers at TGH. I will omit the long story which has brought me to teaching. I have taught mostly in the primary division and have been teaching Kindergarten for the last 15 years or so (most recently, SK/grade 1). I have kept myself involved technologically over the years by designing software to help me (and my wife - another TCDSB Kindergarten teacher) keep track of my class (information, assessment, reporting, scheduling, etc.) mostly with Filemaker Pro. I have also built bits of hardware over the years (quiz buttons, an Arduino-based, Bluetooth-enabled attendance board for my class, etc.).I have been involved with the robotics club at the local high school for years as well, introducing the students to electronics and many aspects of Arduino-controlled moving things. For the past 3 years (or so) I have been running the STEAM team at my school during lunch hour. We meet most days and have done Scratch game programming (very popular), simple circuits (with electric paint), LEGO robotics, woodworking, scribble-bots, and some limited TinkerKit-based Arduino programming. Having worked in the field (a long time ago), I am completely consumed by what the Arduino community can offer students. What used to cost many hundreds of dollars is now available for a fraction of that and it opens up a whole world of possibilities for young minds!


                                                                                                    I have registered for this course to make contact with like-minded educators and to learn what others are doing to bring STEAM to their students.

                                                                                                    • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                                      Here's a suggestion for future courses:


                                                                                                      Use some sort of OpenID/OAuth mechansim to authenticate without having to create your own account.


                                                                                                      We all have GMail or Hotmail or Facebook accounts (most of us will have a professional GMail account) and most of us are used to using them to authenticate with websites rather than having to set up some annoying password with a site. Having a single two factor authentication with my GMail is orders of magnitude more secure than having a password for each and every site (which is usually the same anyway).To add insult to injury, the password requirements here are onerous, so, either I have to reuse my throw-away "secure" password (which I don't like because it then means I have to worry about compromising other accounts) or I have to constantly reset my password which adds quite a barrier to using accounts.


                                                                                                      Anyway, I guess that's modern life. Amateur sites don't get that passwords are the worst thing for security. Luckily my most important things are secured behind two-factor authentication, but, everything that isn't particularly important is secured by a weak "strong" password that simply gets reused.

                                                                                                      • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                                        Started a bit late but here is goes. I have been moved to Grade 1/2 for September. My colleague and I will commence a TLLP in September in technology. iPads and priority schools  I am looking forward to this course to help support a variety  of ways to engage learners. I hope to  discover how coding can be utilized not so much as a  program students use but thinking strategies particularly with younger students.

                                                                                                        • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                                          Hello folks. My name is Miriam. I just found out about this online course and am very excited to be a participant.  I have been teaching junior and intermediate grades for 15 years. Starting in September I will begin a new journey in my career. I have been provided an amazing opportunity to be part of a board initiative, to bring STEAM activities into classrooms within my district.  I am thrilled to share my passion by collaborating with other colleagues and students.  I have incorporated inquiry base learning into the classroom for years.  However, this year I took it a little further by including robotics and coding.  The value of these activities are immense for student growth, not only academically.  To keep pace with our advancing society, we as educators need to provide students with these fundamental competencies.  By participating in this course I hope to get a better understanding of coding and what programs to use to help different age groups understand the benefits of coding.  I would also like to learn how to apply RMS to coding and STEM activities. My students inspire me every day, they make me want to strive to be a better educator.  We learn from each other.  I feel I owe it to all the students I will be working with to provide them with the best opportunities to be successful innovators.

                                                                                                          I am a mother of 3 very busy girls, who I adore. I love early morning runs and swims.  My twitter handle is @MpetrellaS. Excited to learn with and from all of you!

                                                                                                          • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                                            Hi Everyone! My name is Susie Ellis. I am an FDK teacher in Peel.   I have taught for about 17 years, mostly in the primary grades. I am returning to Kindergarten after a few years in grade 1 and I am so excited!


                                                                                                            I am excited to take this course to learn about coding and how it can help develop mathematical thinking in my students. I am interested in practical ways that I can implement the use of coding into my classroom through inquiry and play. I have been following Deanna Pecaski McLennan's work in FDK with coding and I am interested in learning more.


                                                                                                            I tweet frequently about learning happening in my classroom. I am @susie_ellis9.

                                                                                                            Looking forward to learning with everyone!

                                                                                                            • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                                              Hi My name is Gayle McTiernan. I have been teaching for 28 years (wow that makes me sound old)! I currently teach at Minto-Clifford Public School in the Upper Grand District School Board. In the first 13 years of my teaching career I taught primarily Grades 4-6 in Oakville. When we moved up to Kincardine I started teaching a self-contained behaviour and developmentally delayed class. In the past three years, I have worked as the teacher-librarian at my school. Our school was given equity funding last year which was spent on robotics for the Library Learning Commons. We purchased Ozobots, Cubelets, Lego We Do, Lego Mindstorms, Dot and Dash and Makey-Makeys. I have spent the last year learning how to introduce these robotics to the JK-Grade 8 students during library times and at recesses. I also did Hour of Code with all classes from Grades 3-8. It has been a true growth experience! Next year, I will be teaching a Grade 4/5 class in an Environmental Classroom (straw bale construction, high ceilings - interesting space). I am looking for ways to integrate coding and robotics into the Junior classroom. When I look at all that I need to cover in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies,  I know that the only way that I can actually teach coding is in the context of the subject areas. I am open to ideas!!!


                                                                                                              I am also the busy mother of a son who is entering his third year in Biomedical Science at U of Guelph, another son who is going to Fanshaw college for Aviation Mechanics this year, and two daughters - one in Grade 11 and one in Grade 7.  So life is busy!

                                                                                                              • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                                                Hi. I'm a bit late but not out. Looking forward to learning in this course. I can sometimes type a bit too much so instead I'll answer the intro questions as concisely as possible.


                                                                                                                • Who are you?

                                                                                                                My name is Valia. (That's pronounced vahl-ja (like volley ball)

                                                                                                                • Where/what are you teaching? I'm back from a mat leave. Taught 5/6 gifted for a few months last term. Next year I'm slated for 7/8 gifted. In my 15 year career I've always been into tech, STEAM, maker culture, coding and working with students who learn differently.
                                                                                                                • What intrigued you to take this course?

                                                                                                                    I love to learn and make new connections. I have coded and used a number of the items that we will be exploring in this course. However, I know we can always learn more.

                                                                                                                • What do you hope to learn?

                                                                                                                See above.

                                                                                                                • How do you hope to use this learning?

                                                                                                                I definitely want to continue to use this computational thinking via coding in my classroom as part of the instructional day. I also would love a cross-class/mentor-learner opportunities to be established via a STEAM or to be named club at my school that I plan to host. How can we best support you?

                                                                                                                Not sure yet.

                                                                                                                • What hobbies/passions do you currently enjoy?

                                                                                                                Everything having to do with educational tech, VR, AR, coding, excites me. I'll follow up on info and links I see on twitter. I also love photography. Last and certainly not least I'm trying to figure it all out - how to support and help my identical twin 17 month old girls flourish.

                                                                                                                • What social media do you use for your PLN? (and what is your handle?)

                                                                                                                I use twitter. My handle is @ValiaReinsalu (It used to be @trulygreenfish when twitter was all knew and I was shy and not sure if we were supposed to tweet and share our identities within the PLN. )

                                                                                                                • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                                                  Hi everyone,

                                                                                                                  • Who are you? Daniel Montanaro
                                                                                                                  • Where/what are you teaching? TCDSB teaching junior grades 4/5/6
                                                                                                                  • What intrigued you to take this course? Wanting to extend my learning with coding and applications in the classroom
                                                                                                                  • What do you hope to learn? How to connect to subject areas
                                                                                                                    • How do you hope to use this learning? Implement in class for the upcoming school year
                                                                                                                  • How can we best support you? resources, resources, resources...
                                                                                                                  • What hobbies/passions do you currently enjoy? spending time with my kids and getting involed in the maker movement
                                                                                                                  • What social media do you use for your PLN? (and what is your handle?) twitter: @mrm1mr
                                                                                                                  • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                                                    My name is Lori.  I teach Grade 5 at the DDSB. I wanted to learn about coding in  of using it in my classroom.  My hobbies includie reading, art and music.  I am not on social media so I don't have a handle.

                                                                                                                    • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                                                      Joining very late, but very excited to participate!

                                                                                                                      My name is Michelle Girardin and I have been teaching for 14 years at Thorncliffe Park P.S. (TDSB). I am currently teaching Grade 3 and am a Chairperson for STEM at my school. For the 2017-2018 school year, I will be collaborating with a small group of colleagues from Thorncliffe (Grade 1-5) , as well as Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy (JK/SK) on a Coding/MakerSpace pilot project, with the aim of facilitating transitions between our schools in the early primary years. Heading into this project, I am looking forward to learning as much as possible in this course about Coding, and its potential in Ontario schools.

                                                                                                                      This summer, I have been spending my days dancing at Toronto Dance Theatre (contemporary modern dance), in a sense, putting coding into motion!

                                                                                                                      I use Twitter: @m_girardin

                                                                                                                        • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                                                          Hi Michelle,


                                                                                                                          Your pilot project sounds amazing!  Our JK/SK and primary teachers have been informally talking about the transition between FDK and primary.  Before the new Early Years curriculum, it was challenging, and it's even more so now.  What a great opportunity


                                                                                                                          Also, super jealous of your summer dance -- my dance 'code' has a few glitches! 

                                                                                                                        • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                                                          Who are you?  Hi my name is Kris Sandberg    

                                                                                                                          • Where/what are you teaching?  I teach at McKellar Park central School for the Lakehead DSB in Thunder Bay.
                                                                                                                          • What intrigued you to take this course? The course syllabus touched on a lot of things that I want to incorporate into my classroom next year.  Number one I am a basic entry level coder who needs to learn more about it. Secondly, I would like to learn more about educational software that is available for students to experience coding.  Finally we have just purchased Micro:bit and am looking for ideas on how to use it in the classroom.
                                                                                                                          • What do you hope to learn? Anything and everything
                                                                                                                          • How do you hope to use this learning?  Most importantly in the classroom and secondly for my own personal learning.
                                                                                                                          • How can we best support you? I learn best through seeing things applied first, but most importantly resources help plan and use these learning experiences in the classroom
                                                                                                                          • What hobbies/passions do you currently enjoy? I enjoy biking, play sports, doing water sports out at  camp.  I also enjoy building with my hands too.
                                                                                                                          • What social media do you use for your PLN? (and what is your handle?) I use twitter @browns1932_kris
                                                                                                                          • Re: About You: Discussion


                                                                                                                            My name is Dwight Delahunt. I'm currently a principal with the Ottawa Catholic School Board.

                                                                                                                            Although I am in my 40th year of teaching with 33 of them in Administration I have the privilege of working with some very knowledgeable, creative and enthusiastice colleagues here at St. Michael's School, Fitzroy Harbour. I am also very fortunate to work in a Board that vigorously supports Deep Learning and extends to its staff a multitude of opportunities to expand our relavent skills and understanding. In this rich environment I find the support and motivation to both lead and follow our students and teachers in these breakthrough moments in 21st century learning, I am excited to discover new pathways to expand our thinking and knowledge-building tasks. Thanks-you for this oportunity

                                                                                                                            • Re: About You: Discussion

                                                                                                                              HI. My name is Anne-Louise. I am getting started but late. I hope I can make this work. I am on vacation in France and have poor internet. I teach at Bishop Belleau in Moosonee, repatriated to Ontario after 28 years teaching at the International School of Brussels (ESL). I ran a coding club this past year in Moosonee. Had a half dozen o so studetns gades 4-5 who stuck with it and were self learners I tried to keep on track - Scratch mainly. I am an eternal beginner. But want to finally, on day, get some savvy under my belt. Maybe that will be this course over the next few days. Anne-Louise