F2F/R Regional Curriculum Steering Committee (RCSC) meeting

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Thursday, April 26, 2018 at Steelworkers’ Hall, 66 Brady Street, Sudbury

Starts at 9:00 AM · Ends at 3:00 PM, EDT (America/New_York)

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Type of Professional

At the discretion of the Director

Intended Learning Outcomes

At the session, participants will

  • Engage in collaborative dialogue with
      educators from around the region and ministry staff about local topics of
      interest related to curriculum implementation;
  • Share best practices; and
  • Build partnerships with colleagues around
      the region.


After the session, participants will

  • Have a collective knowledge of program
      implementation in the region;
  • Share new learnings with colleagues in
      their respective boards;
  • Continue to build on the relationships that
      are developed regarding curriculum implementation; and
  • Provide input into topics for future RCSC

Suggested Participants

Board Teams to include members whose work is reflected in the
  agenda.  Participants may include
  Teachers, Resource Teachers, Curriculum Coordinators, Administrators and
  System Principals

  or Virtual


Multiple-Offering Events



Sudbury/North Bay Region  

Contact Person

Karen Fabbro-Cobb, Jim White and Louise Franklin

Contact Email

  1. Karen.Fabbro-Cobb@ontario.ca
  2. Jim.White@ontario.ca
  3. Louise.Franklin@ontario.ca

Contact Telephone

705-497-6897 (Karen)

705-497-6887 (Jim)

705-564-4250 (Louise)

Other Relevant

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by March 30, 2018

Steelworkers’ Hall, 66 Brady Street, Sudbury