Transforming Learning Spaces: How Inspiring Space is Inspiring Thinking!

Created by teachontario.team on Nov 29, 2016

Thursday, February 2, 2017 at Online via TeachOntario

Starts at 7:30 PM · Ends at 8:30 PM, EDT (America/New_York)

With Erica Armstrong, Lisa Boate, and Sue Neilson.


How can we ask students to think and learn in new and creative ways when their learning environment looks the same as it always has? This is the question that inspired our desire to find out what would happen if we transformed the space in which students learn.


This session will focus on the purpose and method of transforming space, from bringing together stakeholders to support meaningful change in design, to the actual process of transformation in learning spaces.


Participants will leave this session with passion to transform their own spaces and practical ideas for how to make it happen.


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Online via TeachOntario