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Welcome to TVO’s mPower! In this video, we are highlighting the game flow for mPower 3-6. 


Players begin game play in front of their town’s Welcome Centre. Players first meet B.B. the town planner and  Dre, the town’s builder. B.B. and Dre will introduce players to the game and lead players through a tutorial on how to play. The first first task is to build their town’s Welcome Centre.


Once the town’s Welcome Centre is built, the player will be encouraged to travel to Springhill, one of three neighbourhoods in mPower 3-6, to look for a new challenge.


The first challenge for all players comes from Daphne “Axle” Ruiz. Daphne asks the player to build her a gas and auto repair shop, so Daphne can be the town’s mechanic.


Players tap on the Active Challenges icon to learn the details of the challenge. Each Challenge Card in the Active Challenge log will tell players what they need to know in order to complete a challenge.

They are told:

Which city to travel to for work;

How much work is required;

How many shapes need to be earned; and

What they need to build and where it should be built in the player’s town.


Players tap on the green Trillium icon to travel. For the first challenge, players move their avatar to Ottawa.


Once there, players tap on the location host with the icon above its head to learn what work needs to be completed. To complete Daphne’s challenge, players must play the math mini game, Capital Clean Up.


Once the player has earned the required resources, they return to their town to complete the challenge. The player travels through the identified neighborhood to look for an available challenge plot- any plot marked with the challenge icon will do. The player taps to build Daphne’s gas and auto repair shop, and now the first mPower challenge is complete!


Completing Daphne’s challenge unlocks new locations in Ontario and new people in the player’s town.  Travel to each neighbourhood’s bulletin board to meet new people.


At each neighborhood’s bulletin board, tap on visitors to receive new math challenges or tap on the bulletin board to try fun STEM design challenges. By following the game flow for each new challenge,   players will play new math and STEM games or take on the next tier of difficulty in math games they’ve already played.


Thank you for watching, for more videos, how-to’s, and documentation, check out the mPower community on TeachOntario.

Until next time, mPower!