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[ Jonathan]: My name is Jonathan Lowe. I teach Kindergarten.


[ Jonathan]: I chose mPower for my class because It's made by TVO, an organization that everybody in Ontario trusts. I can honestly say it's changed the way my kids look at math. It's changed the way I teach math. When it comes to choosing materials and resources for the classroom, It's just like choosing fruits and vegetables at dinnertime. You want them to have the best, and things that will nourish them and in this case, it's nourishing them intellectually and nourishing them emotionally.


[Student]:  I did it!


[Jonathan]:  Nice job, Nolan.


[Jonathan]: I use mPower for whole class instruction so it's really easy to use. We use it in a number of different platforms and we let the kids practice on their own independently, or in small groups, or in pairs. It's curriculum-based, It's safe for the kids, and it can reach kids that are really advanced in their math knowledge and it can even reach those kids that are struggling.


[Jonathan]: Anytime a child feels frustrated with something they're not going to want to do it anymore. None of my students have ever felt frustrated with mPower. They've always felt successful, and that means they've always felt really good about going back to mPower and using it again.


[Jonathan and student]: Yay!


[Jonathan]:  Good job.


[Student]:  More.


[Jonathan]: More, go.


[Jonathan]: They get feedback when they're incorrect...


[ Computer ]: Can you try again?


[Jonathan]: In a very gentle and a very positive way and they get feedback that reinforces when they are successful...


[Computer]: Hooray! Do it one more time.


[Jonathan]:  Instead of I can't, they feel like they can and that they're capable.


[Jonathan to student]: Are these the same? What's the same about those?


[Jonathan]: They're learning that math is everywhere, and you can take concepts from mPower and apply it to real-world situations and it has just been a pleasure to have a resource like that In the classroom.