mPower Assessments and Classroom Instruction Video Transcript

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mPower is an assessment-driven game based upon the Ministry of Education policy document Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario Schools.



The game incorporates “assessment for” and “assessment as” learning strategies In the educator portal, teachers can monitor class and player progress by viewing assessment reports. A completed light green circle indicates that the student has completed the entire level of the game. The dark green circle indicates the level of proficiency and independence a student has attained upon completing a game level. A teacher can use the class report to help them select their guided groups in math by looking for students with similar results and pulling them together to receive mini-lessons or provide further tailored instruction.


Teachers can get more details about a particular student’s learning by clicking on their name.On this page, game levels are broken down by game levels which indicate the different achievement chart categories (KUTCA). Teachers can see the expectations, the diagnostic-a student’s first play, their 3 last plays (most recent and most consistent), and their most recent play.  There should be progress as the student works towards mastering the skill with less scaffolding from the game.


Some of the mPower games include open levels which allow players to create and explore math concepts introduced in the game. These creations are featured in the community/class gallery can be displayed for class discussion or printed out for reflection and metacognition.

We know that Mathematics belongs in any part of the day and connects with all curriculum areas. As part of the Renewed Math Strategy, mPower utilizes technology-enabled learning to deepen students’ understanding of key mathematics concepts and to build procedural fluency. Since the launch of mPower educators from the across the province have sent us pictures of mPower in action in their classrooms. Teachers can use mPower in a variety of ways, such as in large class settings for whole group learning, in small guided groups where mentoring and collaboration can take place,in blended learning environments or exploration centres where the digital resource is paired with hands-on manipulatives like pattern blocks to enhance the learning experience and to connect with other curricular areas such as science where students begin to research and write about what they see in the games.


mPower is also a great resource for Teachers to share with parents to support learning math at home. Access cards can be printed and sent home with students, and teachers can communicate about the resource through websites, newsletters, or blog posts.

Educators across the province are excited to share how mPower has been a wonderful addition to their math programs.


[ Melissa Fiesser's Testimonial]


My name is Melissa Fiesser and I teach grade 2.


What could I do with my number line? Yes?


I think my students see themselves as learners that need to be engaged and I think with 21st-century skills our students are demanding the technology they want to learn.


My children are so excited when it's time to play mPower. I don't think they realize that they're actually learning math when they're playing mPower.


[Game Sound]: Make a five-sided shape!


I would describe mPower as a great opportunity for my students to practice their learning, to also establish new concepts in math in a safe environment. But what I’m finding is it also supports our grade 2 science program about animals and animal adaptations as well as our world and global communities' unit in social studies.


mPower allows students to work at their own pace. It allows them to move quickly through a level or it allows them to repeat that level if they were having difficulty. I think the fact that mPower has been developed by Ontario teachers for students in Ontario makes it a very valuable resource for me as a classroom teacher. We know that math is everywhere in our lives, and I think mPower shows them that math is everywhere. mPower is my new "go-to resource" here in my classroom.


[ Testimonial ends]


The mPower Ambassador program brings together a community of exemplary K-6 educators across Ontario. These are thought-leaders and classroom changemakers who will be advocates for the mPower program. As an ambassador, you will gain professional learning and networking opportunities, be invited to beta test and provide feedback to our developers, as well as participate in our mPower Ambassador Summit at TVO headquarters. Applications for the program will begin in May.


So that brings us to the end of our presentation, if there are any questions, please feel free to ask! You may contact us at Here at TVO, we believe that learning has the power to change the world. Thank you for your support and helping to enhance the learning of students across the province. Thank you and until next time...mPower!