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If you have not yet registered for mPower, we invite you to join us! Registration can be done at


mPower’s Educator Dashboard features include: Manage Students, Assessment Reports, Resources and Contact information. As a teacher we know that you want to get as much information as you can about your learners: where they are and what they need as next steps.


When you click on the Play Student Games button, you will have two options: to visit the grade world and click on a game or to go directly to specific games.


To create accounts for your students, you click on the Manage Students tab and click Add Students. You can do this in one of three ways: enter them individually, add 5 in a row or import your class Excel list. To provide students with their individual logins & passwords, click on Select All. Next, click the Print Access Cards button and click on the Print button.


You can print the cards, cut them out and have them available to students for easy access. Teachers often put them on a ring, or in a photo album with photographs of the students or in a picture frame. Sending home access cards with your students is a wonderful example of supporting parent engagement as described in the Renewed Math Strategy. If you want your students to play at home, we suggest creating separate User Name and Password cards so that the data is distinct.