Introduction to TVO mPower

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TVO mPower’s design and development process is driven by three factors; research and evidence, teacher professional knowledge and student voice.  What does the design and development process look like? As we travelled together from initial concept to paper and digital prototyping, to pilot and to beta, each step of this iterative process has been driven by the creative ideas, curricular expertise and pedagogical knowledge of Ontario’s teachers, as well as the insightful feedback of students. In fact, it’s been amazing to have over 7,000 Ontario educators and students provide insightful real-time feedback to guide and inform every facet of the game’s design every step of the way. 


TVO mPower provides children with opportunities to develop their understanding of mathematical concepts through exploration and guided practice, we know that early mathematics is foundational to children’s learning and overall achievement. We believe that our online game mPower teaches foundational math skills and helps get children excited about mathematics.


The Ministry of Education is committed to helping students gain the math knowledge and skills they will need for the future. Mathematical knowledge is a critical component of success.  TVO mPower supports the vision to help our students, teachers, schools, and districts in achieving stronger math results and better position our young people for the jobs of today and tomorrow.


Since TVO mPower is web-based, educators can easily access TVO mPower online as a part of their 60 minute protected math learning time. In Early Years and Kindergarten, TVO mPower supports a play-based model where educators identify and embed significant math learning through a range of experiences. TVO mPower also draws upon what is known about culturally responsive curriculum to embed math in diverse and real-world settings to meet the needs of all learners.

TVO mPower supports learning at home as an online resource, as well as professional learning for teachers and principals through educational materials for educators

  • A minimum of 60 minutes each day of protected learning time for effective mathematics instruction and assessment for students in Grades 1 to 8
  • Support for learning at home through parent resources that provide helpful tips and information on the mathematics curriculum 
  • Better access to online math resources


How TVO mPower correlates to:

  • It can be utilized as a Gap-closing strategy
  • It implements personal and precise assessment and instruction based on individual learning needs, including the use of assistive technology
  • It employs technology-enabled learning to deepen students’ understanding of key mathematics concepts and to build procedural fluency
  • It Fosters school-family partnerships in meaningful ways