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Welcome to TVO’s mPower! In this video, we are highlighting the navigation features in mPower 3-6. 


After creating the player’s avatar, play begins in the center of the Player’s Town. 

Across the top of the screen the Player will see a navigation bar.


Starting to the right of the Quit button,  the Red button with the Person Icon returns the player back to avatar customization.  The Player can make changes to their avatar in any location.


The blue button with the Book Icon is the Active Challenges Log. Once the player has a conversation with a character with a Conversation Icon, a new challenge will appear in the Player’s Challenge log.  Click on the Active Challenges button to keep track of active challenges. 


The player can move their avatar from place to place by clicking and dragging their avatar with a mouse or by touching and dragging their avatar on an iPad. Don’t worry, the screen will extend as the player reaches the edge of the screen.


Once a challenge is accepted, the player is required to travel to a location in Ontario. The Player clicks on the green Trillium Icon to travel to the different Challenge Locations in Ontario such as Ottawa, Guelph or Thunder Bay.  The player then moves their avatar to the Challenge Location. 


[Game Sound]: You can chat with anyone you like!


Let’s use Daphne as an example. Accepting Daphne’s challenge requires the player to travel to Ottawa to do work on the Ottawa River.  To get there, players will click on the Trillium Icon to travel.


When the player’s avatar arrives in Ottawa, they will meet Holly Mercredi, the character with a Conversation Icon. Holly is the Location Host who will assign the work that needs to be done. 


[Game Sound]: Do you want to join in the clean up effort?


After building the first Challenge Plot, the red Map Icon for the Player's Town is enabled which opens up a mini map of the town. Symbols on the map indicate the current location of the Player, as well as areas where Players can perform actions. Clicking on the area of the map navigates the Player immediately to that location of their town.


The orange button with the Camera Icon takes the player to the Community Gallery. In the Community Gallery the player can write reflections,  and share their Designs Challenges with classmates.  Players may provide feedback to their peers on their design challenges in the class gallery as well!


The red button with the Speaker Icon is for audio control.  Clicking on this button allows the player to turn on and off: music, sound effects and voice over.


On the top right side of the screen is the Player’s Inventory. Players require a specified number shapes to build particular buildings.  Players must check their shape inventory and their active challenges to make sure they have what they need to build.  To build Daphne’s Auto Repair shop, for example, the Player must earn 15 red squares.


Please watch the How To Videos for the STEM Design Challenges and each Math Challenge in the mPower Community on TeachOntario.


Thank you for watching,


Until next time, mPower!