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Welcome to TVO’s mPower! In this video, we are highlighting how to add buildings to a Player’s Town in mPower 3-6. 


At the beginning of play,  the player’s first task is to build the town’s Welcome Centre. Tap the building plot in the centre of town. Then tap the hammer to build the Welcome Centre!


[Game Sound]: That's one welcoming Welcome Centre. Ha ha! I bet visitors will be here in no time!


Once the Welcome Centre is built, a character with a Conversation Icon will appear in front of the Welcome Centre, looking for the player’s help.  Each character will introduce itself to the player and share their occupation.  Each character will ask the player to add a structure in the Player’s Town, so they can move in and “set up shop.”


[Game Sound]: Put 'er there, kid. Daphne Ruiz. Friends call me Axle. Never met a car I couldn't fix or a guitar riff I couldn't slay!


Let’s take Daphne as an example.  Daphne is an auto mechanic.  She wants the Player to build her an auto repair shop so she can become the town’s mechanic. Accepting Daphne’s challenge requires the player to travel to Ottawa to work on the Ottawa River in Capital Clean Up.



[Game Sound]: You've earned enough resources to build! Let's get back to town.


[Game Sound]: Go to the map to travel.


When the player has earned the required resources to build Daphne’s Auto Repair Shop the player returns to their town to build!


[Game Sound]: Axles Gas and Repair, open for business! Thanks kid, I owe you.


[Game Sound]: Wow-our first structure! The town can only get more awesome from here on.


Back in the Player’s Town,  the Player navigates around their town to find building plots.  Players can also use the map icon to open up a mini map for easier navigation.


There are four types of building plots in the Player’s Town. Players must note the icons on the building plots as they determine what can be built on any particular plot.


Daphne’s Auto Repair Shop can only be built on Challenge Plots. Challenge plots are for the buildings the character asks the player to build so they can move into town.


If a player would like to add other large buildings to their town, like houses or apartments, they are to build on a Residential Plot.


There are two types of Decoration Plots: Small Decoration Plots and Medium Decoration Plots


Small decorations such as flower beds and statues can be added to the Player’s Town. These are built on the Decoration Plot with a Flower Icon.


Medium decorations such as tree houses and fruit stands can also be added to the Player’s Town.  These decorations are built on the Decoration Plot with a Tree Icon


Once the appropriate location is selected, tap the hammer to build!


Please watch the How To Videos for the STEM Design Challenges and each Math Challenge  in the mPower Community on TeachOntario.


Thank you for watching,


Until next time, mPower!