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    Grade: 7

    Lesson Title: Like Terms with HH



    Curriculum Expectation(s)


    Mathematical Process Expectations

    • demonstrate that they are reflecting on and monitoring their thinking to help clarify their understanding as they solve a problem;
    • select and use a variety of concrete, visual, and electronic learning tools and appropriate computational strategies to investigate and solve problems;
    • communicate mathematical thinking orally, visually, and in writing using mathematical language and appropriate representations


    Number Sense and Numeration

    • Simplify numerical expressions involving integers and rational numbers
    • Relate their understanding of operations to simplify expressions


    Learning Goal (Anticipated)

    I will identify like and unlike terms

    I will simplify expressions by combining like terms


    Success Criteria

    • identify like and unlike terms
    • simplify expressions by combining like terms
    • communicate my mathematical thinking by showing all my steps  and explaining my process to a classmate

    Lesson Components


    Minds On (Getting Started) 


    Address misconceptions about like and unlike terms from previous class by presenting students with the following question:

    1.    Identify the like terms
    2.    Simplify the expression by combining like terms


    Ask students to discuss in groups and then share their thinking with the entire class.

    Address other misconceptions students might have.


    Action (Working On It)


    Activity Centre #1: Like Terms Tutorial

    On an iPad, students will login to Homework Help and access Section 3 of the “What are Like Terms?” Tutorial

    • Students will practice their skills by participating in Section 3 of the Tutorial.
    • After each “What do I know?”, students will record their score on their self-reflection sheets


    Once they have completed Section 3, students will reflect on their learning using the self-reflection sheets


    What are Like Terms Tutorial:



    • iPads
    • Student self-reflection sheet

    Activity Centre #2: Glossary





    Activity Centre #3: Best Session







    Ask students to share their experiences with the questions with entire class (their challenges, triumphs, etc)


    In groups, students will create a quick reference sheet for identifying like terms. These will be displayed where all students can see



    • like terms
    • unlike terms
    • simplify
    • expression
    • equation
    • coefficient



    Students will practice their skills at home by completing the question on page 46 of their text book.

    They are encouraged to use Homework Help’s Ask A Tutor Chat to check their answers.

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