Example: HH 3-Part Lesson

Version 3

    Homework Help 3 Part Lesson

    Grade: 7

    Lesson Title: Fractions with HH



    Curriculum Expectation(s)


    Mathematical Process Expectations

    • develop, select, apply, and compare a variety of problem solving strategies as they pose and solve problems and conduct investigations to help deepen their mathematical understanding;
    • demonstrate that they are reflecting on and monitoring their thinking to help clarify their understanding as they solve a problem;
    • select and use a variety of concrete, visual, and electronic learning tools and appropriate computational strategies to investigate and solve problems;
    • communicate mathematical thinking orally, visually, and in writing using mathematical language and appropriate representations


    Number Sense and Numeration

    • use a variety of strategies to solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals;
    • add and subtract fractions with simple like/unlike denominators


    Learning Goal (Anticipated)

    I will solve questions involving the addition of fractions with unlike denominators.


    Success Criteria

    • Use my knowledge of factors and multiples to find the Lowest Common Denominator of fractions
    • Add fractions
    • Solve a problem using the addition of fractions

    Lesson Components


    Minds On (Getting Started) 


    Address misconceptions about adding fractions from previous class by presenting students with the following Minds On question:


    Prashanth and Emilia were asked to find the sum of

    Here are there answers: 

    Who is correct? Why?


    Ask students to discuss in groups and then share their thinking with the entire class.

    Address other misconceptions students might have about adding fractions.


    Possible student misconceptions:

    • adding fractions with unlike denominators
    • not adjusting the numerator and/or denominator
    • adding denominators

    Action (Working On It)


    Question #1 (Students work with a partner in the group)

    2/3 + 1/6 = 


    Upon completing each question, student will review the corresponding Best Session #1 and make corrections as necessary.


    Question #2 (Students work in groups):

    A farmer has a field and is retiring and will be giving the field to his 3 kids. He gives 1/3 to one child, ¼ to the second child and 1/6 to the third child. What part of the field does he have remaining? 


    For Question #2, students will compare their strategy with the strategy from Best Session #2.


    Best Session #1:


    Best Session#2:




    Ask students to share their experiences with the questions with entire class (their challenges, triumphs, etc)


    As a class, develop strategies for solving problems involving the addition of fraction. Write own chart paper and display so that all students can see it



    • numerator
    • denominator
    • sum
    • least common multiple
    • fraction
    • equivalent fraction
    • simplest form



    • like denominators
    • diagrams/models



    Students will complete the following problem at home:


    A family orders a large pizza that is cut into 12 slices. One parent eats 1/3 other eats ¼ and the child eats 1/12. How many slices are left?


    They are encouraged to use Homework Help’s Ask A Tutor Chat to check their answers.

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