Module 4: Homework Help in your Classroom

Version 14



    Incorporate Homework Help into your classroom! Login to your Homework Help Educator Account and explore the following student introduction resources:


    • Videos
      • Student Registration How-To video



      • Ask A Tutor Chat How-To video



    • Classroom Presentations & Activities (found in Classroom Tools. Please note that you will need to be logged in to your Educator Account to access this page)
      • Presentations for students about Homework Help
      • Scavenger Hunt Activity
      • Word Search Activity
      • Bingo Activity



    • Open Houses
      • Twice a year, Homework Help holds an Open House so that students and classroom teachers can experience Ask A Tutor chat during instructional hours.
      • Learn more:





    1. Create an action plan for incorporating Homework Help into your classroom:
    2. Implement the action plan.
    3. What did you observe?




    Share your experiences by contributing to the course blog!

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    Add your blog post by making sure you're logged on and clicking on "Write a blog post."

    • What activities and resources were used?
    • Which Homework Help tools did students find most engaging?
    • What strategies did you use to engage students' parents/guardians?
    • What projected obstacles might you face? What is your plan of action?
    • What are your key learnings from this experience?
    • Other observations?


    Share pictures and/or videos of your experience!

    Don’t forget to explore the posts shared by your peers and comment when you feel a connection.