Module 2: Ask A Tutor Chat

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    Ask A Tutor chat is a free, online math tutoring service for Grade 7 to 10 Ontario students. During the school year, the Homework Help Tutors are online Sunday-Thursday, 5:30-9:30 pm ET to support math learning.


    Ask A Tutor is a safe learning environment:

    • Student accounts are protected by usernames and passwords
    • Tutors can only view a student’s username and grade level. No personal information about the student is accessible
    • Students can only interact with the Homework Help Tutors. Students cannot interact with other online students
    • All tutoring sessions are automatically recorded and monitored on a daily basis


    All Homework Help Tutors are Ontario Certified math teachers with many years of math teaching experience. We have the privilege of having a diverse group of experts as a part of our Tutor team: math coaches, department heads, student success leads, and classroom teachers.



    The graphic above illustrates how we ensure that the Homework Help Tutors are supported and that Best Practices are followed:

    • The Homework Help (HH) staff provides initial training for all tutors, as well as a refresher training at the beginning of each school year
    • The 250+ Tutors are regularly contacted and supported by their Senior Tutor, as well as the Homework Help (HH) staff
    • Tutors are provided bi-monthly coaching, personal self-assessment and professional learning opportunities

    Watch the video below to see Ask A Tutor from the student perspective:




    With a Homework Help Account, you can view live Ask A Tutor tutoring sessions!
    Login to your Educator Account and view a live tutoring session (Sunday-Thursday, 5:30-9:30 pm ET)

    • What do you observe?
    • How do the Homework Help tutors help consolidate students’ math learning?



    Share your observations and thoughts from the “Action” activity in the Padlet below:


    • What did you observe during the live Ask A Tutor tutoring sessions?
    • How might Ask A Tutor and the Locker benefit student learning in the classroom?


    Share links, images, videos and other files from your experience!

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    Using Padlet:

    1. To post your observations and thoughts, double click anywhere on the padlet
    2. Type your name in the "Topic" section and write your post
    3. Click on to add links, images, videos or other types of files
    4. Click on "Add Comment" to comment on your peers' posts